Columbus Babywearing Leader Application
Thank you for your interest in applying to be a volunteer leader with CBW. Please be thorough in your answers as this helps us get to know you, your babywearing journey, and current skills better.   You will hear from a leader within 48 hours of submission to let you know that we have received your application.   As long as you meet the minimum requirements, we will work with you to schedule an informal interview and demonstration of skills.
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How long have you been babywearing? *
In the last 12 months, which type(s) of Columbus Babywearing events have you attended? (Note: If you have not attended a skills workshop in the past year, you will be asked to observe one before interviewing.) *
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Which workshop would be the primary one you attend during your leadership training? *
Workshops are currently on the third or fourth Sunday of each month. Leaders in training staff one primary meeting, observing and teaching each session during the 6 month training period. We may add additional meetings in the future.
Note: Interviewees are expected to have some experience with at least three of the five carrier types taught at CBW skills workshops, but only need to be comfortable demonstrating two. Interviews will require demos of two carrier types (choice of ring sling or woven wrap, and choice of soft-structured carrier or meh dai).
*Learning to use a carrier at a skills workshop counts as experience.*
Please rate your comfort level using the five major carrier types (ring slings, woven wraps, stretchy wraps, meh dais, and soft structured carriers) *
Never used
Not comfortable
Somewhat comfortable
Very comfortable
Ring sling
Woven wrap
Stretchy wrap
Meh dai
Soft structured carrier
If you have used other carrier types not listed above, please list them here.
What experience do you have babywearing infants less than four months old? Please indicate how many infants you have worn as well as what carrier types you have used within this age range. *
What is your comfort level with instructing our members within a workshop setting? (Workshop sessions have an attendance range from 1-10 people.) If you have experience with public speaking or teaching, please describe that here as well. *
Each leader brings their own unique perspectives, passions, and strengths to the team. How do you see yourself contributing to the group as a leader? *
If you have any past (or ongoing) leadership experience, please describe it here. *
What other commitments do you currently have (kids, work, community or school involvement, etc)?  What evening and weekend availability do you have for events that occur outside of workshop times? *
The majority of the time commitment for CBW leadership takes place through daily engagement in planning and decision making online (approximately 1-5 hours per week). Leaders need to become accustomed to using Facebook polls, posts, albums, events, and other features as well as Google Docs, Google Drive and Trello. They must also be comfortable working/communicating with teammates they may only see once every few months in person. Is this a commitment you are prepared to take on? *
Are you involved with any business that involves baby wearing?  If so, please explain. *
This could include selling and/or manufacturing of carriers or carrier accessories, owning or working as an employee of a company that sells carriers/accessories, or other baby wearing related businesses.
How do you handle group decisions where you have voted in the minority?   *
We are referring to how you may work with or respond to other leaders as well as how you will have to execute those decisions in the larger group.
Please look over your answers and make sure they are as thorough as possible so that CBW has a good idea of who you are as a candidate for leadership.
Thank you for applying! A leader will reach out to you within the next few days. If you need to get in touch with CBW before then, please email or send a PM to the CBW page.
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