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Choreographing Intimacy

A workshop taught by Ellen Morbyrne and Toby Vera Bercovici

August 17, 10am-6pm, North Star, 45 Amherst Road, Sunderland

“Intimacy Choreography” is a relatively new concept, having emerged out of a need to protect actors from unsafe working conditions and blurred boundaries. It is an important practice not only for the mental, physical, and emotional health of actors, but also for the experience of the audience: the more safe and grounded the performers, the more electric the scene. Utilizing techniques from multiple disciplines, including yoga, dance, and theater, Ellen and Toby will guide participants through a safe and specific process to develop choreography that feels motivated and appropriate for characters and situation, as well as authentic and dynamic in terms of external behaviors.

This workshop is useful and relevant to all theater practitioners and administrators:

As a performer, the take away will include language with which to speak to your director and co-actors and tools to create safe working conditions when there aren’t any.

As a director, teacher, or choreographer, you will learn how to build a safe environment, lead exercises to create trust within that environment, and utilize specific skills for analyzing and staging intimate moments.

As an arts administrator, you will learn best practices for ensuring safe working conditions for your employees.

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