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I'm Murphy Randle. I started and I'm co-host of I'm a professional software engineer with a history in the entertainment industry, and I like teaching people.

You're here reading this form because I'm considering starting a podcast with the purpose of helping beginners get started in Web programming, and I'd like the show to be a public mentorship. I'd be the mentor, and each episode would be a 30-50 minute conversation with a beginner who is somewhere in the early months / years of their journey as a Web programmer.

I'm experimenting with the details of how this would work out. But right now I'm thinking the show would be made of up "seasons". Where each season consists of 6 episodes, each episode being a conversation with a single mentee every week or two. In other words, I'd take on one mentee at a time, and each mentee would get six consecutive recorded mentorship sessions at no cost to them. After each session, an episode of the podcast would be released with very little editing, if any.

Are you interested in being a mentee? If so, please fill out the form below and I may get back to you!

Remember, this is just expressing an interest, not a commitment by either you or by me to make contact or take any kind of action at all. Thanks!

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