FIG Young Surveyors Application Form - FIG Congress 2018 Istanbul, Turkey
“Embracing our smart world where the continents connect: enhancing the geospatial maturity of societies" the overall theme of the FIG Congress 2018. It is a well-known fact that location information has changed people’s perceptions. We cannot measure or monitor sustainability and growth without the intelligent use of evidence-based geospatial data. Therefore, we have to increase our skills as land professionals and hence, the theme of finds its meaning in “Geospatial Transformation of the World”.

This form is a pre-registration for young surveyors choosing the "Student & Young Surveyor Registration" registration option at the registration page of the FIG Congress (

You are required to fill in the following form and send the required documents via email to:, as detailed below. Once these documents are approved, you will get a link for the registration with the discounted fee.

You will not get your registration approved until you send us all the needed documents.
Please do not fill out this form or send same documents twice.

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