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Thank you for volunteering your time and expertise to members of ProductCampRTP.

ProductCamp is based on the "unconference" format where the participants choose the topics they are most interested in. Typically, speakers pitch their ideas at the beginning of the conference and the attendees vote on which ones they like best. This approach make life easy for the event coordinators but it makes it much harder on the speakers.

Instead of deciding on the topics at the conference, we decided to give you and the speakers a bit more time so that everyone gets a bit more time to prepare. Registered participants will vote prior to the conference and you will be informed a week or so before the event if your topic was chosen by the participants.

Deadline for submissions is April 1st.

Other Key dates:
April 8th Voting by participants begins
April 15th Voting closes
April 15th Submissions will be alerted regarding selection
April 22nd Conference starts

Please make your presentations no more than 40 minutes long. We set aside 10 minutes afterwards for questions.
Our audiences love interactive presentations and discussions. To learn more about attendees and past topics, visit:

You are welcome to submit multiple topics, but please fill out this entire form for each topic separately.
Do not submit multiple topics on the same form.

SAVE THIS HYPERLINK so that you can edit the details of your submission.

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(NOTE: As we are a non-profit, we truly regret that we do not have the funds to offer any honorariums or reimbursement for expenses.)

To save you time and effort, let us sell you and your topic to the audience by answering these questions.
We will tell you if your topic was selected well beforehand so you won't risk wasting time.
What is the title of your presentation?
What topic can you speak on that would be most interesting to this audience?
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What category does your topic fall under?
How can your topic help us (your audience)?
Why should we care about your topic? (ex. "This session will help you ...")
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What is at stake if we don't know what you're going to present?
How can our ignorance of your topic impact our lives? (ex. if you ignore ...., you run the risk of ... )
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What are the key things we should know about your topic?
What are you going to teach us? (ex. "You will learn #1 ...")
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If we attend your presentation, what will we be able to do better?
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Do you need us to provide any equipment or make facility arrangements?
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Tell us about yourself and your experience bringing products to market.
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