Trillian Trust Funfest 2021 Stall Holder Registration Form
Welcome to our family of Trillian Trust Funfest stall holders !
We are thrilled that you have decided to join our family of stall holders and partners.

You are joining a group of organisations who are serious about bringing families and communities together.

Previous stall holders have included Nestle Milo, Best Pacific institute of Education, Girls Guides New Zealand, Serco.
The Funfest 2020 group of stallholders and partners includes Mai FM Mediaworks, Manukau Institute of Technology, Life Education Trust Counties Manukau, Elections New Zealand and Quality Education Services.

We will raise much needed funds for Life Education Trust Counties Manukau through Funfest 2020.
Your stall holder fee contributes significantly to our fund raising activity – THANK YOU SO MUCH !
To find out more information on stall holder fees please visit the following link (

There is simply no other event that compares with Trillian Trust Funfest in terms of free attractions, event scale, community and social responsibility. We are New Zealand’s largest 5 day free summer event for families.

Our event has grown to an audience of over 30,000 people of all ages , from all over the country and now features an invitational VIP day for over 2,000 people with special needs, disabilities and from challenging backgrounds
Make your stall Fun !

Stall holders are a critical part of our amazing Funfest experience and your sites give our fans another amazing reason to enjoy Funfest so make sure your site is fun and interactive to keep fans coming back for more.
Funfest Fans

We’ll promote your stall site to our Funfest fans.

* Funfest Live Event features 30,000+ fans

* Funfest Facebook features 10,000+ fans

* 84% of our fans are women
Mai FM the hottest hip hop & rnb - Official radio station of Trillian Trust Funfest 2021
Mai FM 88.6 is the largest music radio station in Auckland for all people 15-34 with a huge audience of 213,700 listeners.

Funfest 2021 will be promoted over 4 weeks in ads and promotions on Mai FM radio, website and Facebook page.

The Mai FM Street Team is live on site each day during the event telling listeners to join the fun.

The team will set up their Mai FM Zone where fans can win free stuff and chill-out on bean bags.
Trillian Trust Funfest VIP Day 2021, Wednesday January 13th - 10am to 4pm
Trillian Trust Funfest 2021 January 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th - 9am to 5pm daily
Note : ALL FOOD sites have sold out. Please do not apply to sell food and drink
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SITE SET UP - Describe the activity you plan to run at your site. Include as much detail as possible including daily staff numbers. *
WE'D LOVE TO PROMOTE YOU - If you would like us to promote your stall through our media, marketing and on the Funfest, stage then please write some copy we are allowed to use *
FUNFEST STAGE PROMOTION - You are the best salesperson for your brand so why not get on the Funfest stage to promote your site. We’ve got a 10 minute slot where you and your brand can own the stage with our M.C You’ll need to be a clear speaker, not afraid of crowds and know your product inside and out. The crowd love free stuff so buttering them up at the end of your stage promo would be the icing on the cake and move your brand closer to the hearts of our fans ! Tick yes and we’ll be in touch *
For More information please visit our website;
Stall Holder Q&A - This Section Is Really Important

Q : How long is the event ?
A : 5 days Wednesday 13th to Sunday 17th including the VIP day for people with special needs, disabilities and from challenging backgrounds.

Q : Do you charge a fee to have a stall at Funfest?
A : Yes. Our rates start from $4,500 for a stall at Funfest for all 5 days. We also have flexi rates available our team will talk with you about these options. Please visit the following link to find out more information. (

Q : Will Funfest go ahead if it rains ?
A : Yes. Our rides are built to perform in the rain and we have attractions inside.

Q : When can I pack-in and pack-out ?
A : Feel free to start setting up from 12pm Tuesday 12th. You can pack out from 5pm Sunday 17th .

Q : Is my stall site safe overnight ?
A : We’ve got a security team covering the venue at night to ensure things are safe and secure. if your outside you’ll need to pack down in the event of rain.

Q : Can I giveaway free food and drink from my site ?
A : No, however we will approve free food and drink giveaways on a case by case basis.

Q : Can I charge people for a service or product from my site ?
A : No.

Q : What is the size of my stall holder site ?
A : We don’t have a limit on the size of your stall holder site.
We are very flexible and will work with you to bring your vision for your site to life.

Q : What type of activity can I run at my site ?
A : Anything Fun, interactive offering loads of free stuff are the best sites that attract the biggest crowds.

Q : Do I need a special pass or accreditation to enter each day ?
A : No, entry to the event is free but it would pay for you and your team to be on site early before gates open at 9am.

Q : Do you supply power for my site ?
A : Yes. We’ll work out how to get power to you no matter where you are on site , leave it with us.

Q : Can I have a site inside & outside at no extra charge ?
A : Yes, obviously we’ll need to talk about the size, logistics but we will work with you to bring your vision for both your sites to life.

Q : Can I sell stuff from my stall holder site ?
A : No, only food vendors and market stalls are allowed to sell stuff.
Stall holders [that’s you] are not allowed to sell goods and services.

Q : Do you supply gazebos / tents for my site ?
A : No , you must supply your own gazebo / tent and it must pass a health and safety check. Make sure it’s anchored and secure at all times please.

Q : Do you supply tables and chairs ?
A : Tables and Chairs are available directly from the Vodafone events centre team you will need to speak to the centre staff to arrange tables and chairs for your site.

Q : Is there a room on-site to store stock ?
A : Yes – we’ll work with Vodafone to find you a room to store your site stock but we can’t guarantee a room [ we’ll work hard to find one]
Thanks For Your Answers. Team Funfest Will Be In Touch.
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