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Letters from Jane - Zoologist
These handmade letters are a snail mail adventure series arriving monthly on your doorstep. Follow Jane on her travels and discover new lands and animals through beautiful illustrations and science-based descriptions. The aim of this series is to invoke the wonder of our natural world in a timeless fashion, highlighting special animals and places on Earth without overshadowing them with the problems or technology of our 21st century. Put on your best David Attenborough or Jane Goodall voice, and wander into the astonishing wildlife on this planet.

Each letter is handwritten and illustrated by me, then carefully scanned and printed on special Biotop (FSC) paper in my own home. I use dip pen and ink and watercolor to create these stories, after careful research and story line planning. The letters are thus filled with field notes, animal observation and natural phenomena, loosely tied together by small story bits about the research crew and the travels between the places they visit. I personalize them by hand for each recipient (Dear Name(s)), then wrap them in an old-fashioned envelope illustrated and stamped for the full nostalgia feeling of receiving beautiful authentic hard-copy mail.

These letters are written for both adults and children above the age of 12, or when their English is good enough to follow these texts. They can also be used in different LARP settings, and aim to be timeless. Your first order will include the first letter as a bonus, addressed to you. When subscribing before the 10th of the month, you will receive the letter(s) from that month and forward. It's also possible to buy the individual letters you might have missed, but they will be more expensive. My address is included, so you can write Jane back! Each month, Jane will respond to one person writing or emailing her with an unique personal letter.

Shipping is included in The Netherlands, and a small fee is added for international readers. The letters will be mailed out halfway through the month, give it a week (or 2 for international readers) for it to arrive!

Of this project, 10% of the money you pay goes directly to WWF. I do this with all my work, before taxes, materials or my own living costs. Why? Because the problems and threats for our wildlife today are staggering, and I might not address those problems in my letters, they do need our protection. Thank you for supporting this cause through your purchase!
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