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This sign up for will add you to a list for email notifications. The emails will be sent out to everyone on the applicable mailing list. Please don't feel obligated to reply to it. If you're interested or have questions you can reply or contact me.
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I may use this for last minute trips. It is often delivered faster.
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Some people like to have a friend or family member meet me to pick up food or items and save on shipping. Please check back periodically. I may add more locations, or more frequently if there is a lot of interest.

Locations with 2 asterisk ** are most commonly visited, single asterisk * are often visited.

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Hubs are people/locations who will receive & hold items from us for others to pick-up who are not able to meet during delivery times (work, school, etc). This is only for dry goods. Hubs will not be involved in money collection, this will all be handled by Atlantis. Items held awaiting pickup are guaranteed by Atlantis. Hubs would not have to meet at group locations & will receive a discount on their purchases from us. Hubs will not be responsible to pick-up or deliver. I will have the orders brought (or possibly group shipped) directly to your door. If you have more questions or would like more in depth details, please fill it out in the "Notes" space available at the bottom.
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Optional This is only to help me know if i'm choosing the best free locations.
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Would you be interested in a "safe drop" delivery?
This is a location that you provide us, that you trust items to be left in your absence. i.e. a neighbor, by your back door, a porch/deck storage box. We will try to integrate this if our delivery network expands. Southern Ontario doesn't currently have an efficient reasonably priced shipping/delivery option for heavy items such as food and bedding. We are hoping to network in regular orders to offer everyone better rates... until someone crates PetUber! ha ha
If yes, please provide where your safe location is:
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If there is anything else you can think of that you would like to let us know about or ask, fill it in below. Use this space for hub info as well.
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