Healthcheck for Business
This is a short form to identify some of the aspirations, issues and challenges for your business. On the basis of this information we will identify possible solutions to help align your business with the Global Goals, both practically and personally through Teaspoons of Change.

Within a week of you completing this online Healthcheck a representative from Teaspoons of Change will be in touch to arrange a meeting, either in person or via video chat.

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How familiar are you with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development?
Never heard of them...
Know them off by heart!
Do you believe small actions can create big change?
What are the main goals of your business?
At the individual, collective and social levels? Do you think they might already be related in some way to the Global Goals?
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What issues are present in your business?
Issues could include: business culture, high sick leave, low productivity, leadership development, desire to be seen and acting more sustainable, personal connection and context with service and social justice, well-being and sense of purpose and what is already being done to align with the Global Goals.
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What is affected by the issues present?
Who is affected, where is it affected, when is it affected, why is it affected and how is it affected?
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What are your aspirations, intentions and outcomes if you could address these issues?
Try to include at the personal and practical level of Teaspoons of Change and / or at the big picture, Global Goals level
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Are you keen to see a positive change personally, as a business and globally?
If yes, how. If no, why...
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Is there anything else you would like to share?
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How did you hear about us?
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