Selection of topics for NAICE2018 Women Development Program-WDP (Voting form)
Dear Senior Members, 2018 Council and Annual Programs Sub-Committee Members,

We are in the process of selecting a sub-theme for the Women Development Program (WDP) that will hold as part of NAICE 2018 and need your valued input.

Please select your preferred sub-theme (one choice only) from the below listed top three (3) sub-themes as proposed by the WDP Sub-Committee for NAICE2018. We welcome comments and modifications as well.

(Note: This survey closes 6.00pm (local time - GMT +1) December 2, 2017)

These are the synopsis for the sub-theme(topics) options. Kindly read through before proceeding with survey to make a selection.

Topic 1: Diversification of the Nigerian Economy; changing the status quo, reshaping the future

Diversification of the Nigerian economy is critical to tackling its over-dependence on oil revenue and achieving desired growth. It is therefore imperative that we view the current economic landscape not as a setback, but leverage the opportunity to re-define and re-shape our future by taking ownership and contributing effectively. To achieve this, attitude is everything. “Be part of the solution, not the problem”

Topic 2: Diversification of the Nigerian Economy: Women Leveraging Existing Opportunities

 Nigeria has been repositioning to fully diversify the economy. Range of initiatives devoted to promote other sectors of the economy are already in place as part of the Government's extensive reforms programme. SMEs have proven to be a reliable vehicle for economic transformation In developing countries because of wide range of benefits – employment generation, foreign exchange conservation and equitable wealth distribution, interdependence among businesses and several other benefits. Identify, explore and encourage women to take maximum advantage of these opportunities that are critical consideration in the context of Nigeria’s long term ambition thereby contributing to build a sustainable economy

Topic 3: Fostering Innovation through diversity – the role of women

Industry leaders are recognizing that a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds is crucial to innovation and the development of new ideas. diversity is crucial to encouraging different perspectives and ideas that foster innovation.)

Please make a choice from the three options below
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