Community Advisory Committee Application 2020-2021
East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is seeking applicants from East Bay Community Energy's service area to fill vacancies on its Community Advisory Committee. The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) was formed in 2016 as part of the formation of EBCE, with the goal of creating competition for electricity services and to accelerate investments in clean energy resources and local energy projects. EBCE seeks to ensure a diversity of members and interests for the CAC as well as members who represent all areas of the service area. The CAC’s members are community stakeholders appointed by the EBCE Board of Directors to provide advice and recommendations to the EBCE Board and is not a decision-making entity.

Member Roles:
1) Advise the Board of Directors on all subjects related to the operation of the CCA Program as set forth in a work plan adopted by the Board from time to time, with the exception of personnel and litigation matters;
2) Represent the views of their respective communities in their comments and recommendations;
3) Serve as an information-channel back to their colleagues and communities; and
4) Help EBCE staff and Alameda County and city officials identify issues of concern and opportunities to educate about CCE in Alameda County

EBCE is now taking applications for membership on the CAC. The EBCE asks that anyone wishing to apply to complete this form and submit to no later than 5 pm on February 15, 2021.

NOTE: this application is a public document and will be available for review upon request. The EBCE may choose to interview final candidates.

1. Residents, business owners, employees or representatives of a community-based organization in the
2.    County of Alameda are eligible for membership.
3. Applicants should be committed to serving on the CAC and attending regular Board and planning meetings. Board meetings may take place twice monthly until the program is launched, and then may be no more frequent than once per month. Meetings will generally take place in the early evening hours and CAC members will plan meeting agendas. Members of the CAC will serve staggered four-year terms (the first term of three of the members shall be two years, and four years thereafter), which may be renewed.
4. Applicants with potential conflicts of interest that may hinder effective participation in the CAC are discouraged from applying. All applicants will be reviewed for conflicts of interest by EBCE legal counsel.

QUESTIONS: Please call or email: 510.736.4981; for more information.

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Clear selection
Please explain why you wish to be appointed to the East Bay Community Energy Community Advisory Committee and briefly describe your qualifications including any applicable experience. Please include thoughts you have the purpose of the CAC and key goals for both the CAC and East Bay Community Energy. Please indicate if you are a representative of an organization with expertise in energy issues generally and/or Community Choice Energy specifically. Please attach a resume, letters of recommendation, or other relevant materials if you wish. *
Please list three issues that you feel EBCE should address: *
Have you ever attended a meeting of the EBCE Community Advisory Committee? *
Please describe your experience serving on a Commission or Board: *
Considering your experience and activities in business, labor, professional, social or other organizations, indicate the experience, training, knowledge and skills that qualify you for appointment to the EBCE Community Advisory Committee: *
List any position or office held in any governmental agency, civic or charitable organization, including dates: *
Please list any special awards or recognitions received:
Conflicts of Interest                                                           State and local law require that you abstain from participation in decisions that may affect your financial interests, including sources of income, interest in real property, personal finances, or investments. In addition, if appointed, you may be required to submit a disclosure statement which identifies certain of your financial interest beginning with the immediate twelve-month period prior to your appointment. Based on your best judgment, does this Board or Commission make decisions that may affect sources of income, interests in real property, personal finances or investments of you or your spouse? Some examples of conflicts include a) being employed by a business or organization that has a financial interest in decisions that EBCE may make, b) being employed by a business or organization that directly advocates in front of the EBCE Board of Directors, c) having a financial interest in a project or property that might benefit from a decision made by EBCE. *
If yes, please explain. Please identify any organizations, associations, corporations, or entities by which you are employed or associated that might be affected by decisions of this Board or Commission, and the positions you hold in these entities. Please also list any financial interests that might lead to a conflict of interest.
Please list the email address and phone number for at least two references. *
As a member of the EBCE Community Advisory Committee, you are making a time commitment to actively participate in the planning and development of the East Bay Community Energy program. Meetings are generally held in the evening and given the small number of members on the EBCE Community Advisory Committee, having a quorum is essential to the ability of the Committee to conduct business. Please sign the statement below indicating you have the time to prepare for and attend meetings.                                                                                                      I have sufficient time to devote to this responsibility and will attend scheduled meetings if appointed. I am also aware that this application is a public document.                                           I agree that all of the information contained in my responses to the questions on this application are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.                                                                      Please type your name below as your electronic signature. *
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