Chetco Community Public Library Teen Survey
We are looking to survey teens that are ages 13+, from 6th to 12th grade. Our goal is to assess teen involvement and interest in future teen programs and events at Chetco Community Public Library. Chetco Library hopes to provide a fun and entertaining space for the teens in our area. Please help us determine what you and your friends would like.
What social media do you use most often? *
How often do you visit Chetco Library? *
Why do you come to the library? *
What changes would you like to see for teens at the library? *
What kind of event would you like to participate in?
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What days are the best for you throughout the week, after school?
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What times are the best for you on Saturdays?
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Are you interested in joining a group of teens to help with and be a part of events at the library, called a Teen Advisory Board? *
Any other comments? Please share any other thoughts or ideas you'd like to share.
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If you would like to learn more about being a part of our Teen Advisory Board and volunteering at the library, contact Shannon, Youth Services Librarian, at Chetco Community Public Library.
Phone: (541) 469-7738
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