Grade 6-7-8-9 Honors Choir Audition Application

Audition Date: October 22, 2016

• Audition Sites: Schools will be assigned to one of these sites after all applications are received. Assignments will be made to ensure even numbers of participants at each site. You are not guaranteed the same site where you have previously auditioned.
NorthWest – Lowell HS
SouthEast – South Lyon East HS

• Fee: $20 per student (One check per school – individual student or parent checks will not be accepted)

• Application Deadline: online form filled about by by Sept. 27, and payment and signatures postmarked by Sept. 27 or hand delivered up to three (3) days after by 2 pm. Signature form and payment (payable to MSVMA) must be received within those 3 days via USPS as well to:

Eric Floetke
28390 Mortenview
Brownstown, MI 48183

You will enter the first name and last name and then the grade level of each singer separately. There are 8 groups of SA and 8 of SSA and TTB. Please pay attention to the group number you are adding names too. PLEASE let us know if you are sending an incomplete trio!!

Thank you for your patience using this new application system.

The MSVMA Honors Choir Team