GoCritic! Karlovy Vary 2019 Application Form
Film Journalism and Criticism Workshop
28 June - 6 July 2019
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


Eligible applications should be accompanied by your CV, evidence of your previous journalistic work published online or in print (minimum 1 article in English or translated into English), 1 new article written originally in English on any film-related topic for this purpose, and one passport-style photograph.

If accepted to the workshop as a participant, the festival provides you with accommodation including breakfast for the whole duration of the festival, press accreditation (which allow access to press screenings and free tickets to regular screenings), and access to opening and closing ceremonies and parties.

You will be required to pay a participation fee of 250 euro which goes towards tuition, and cover your own travel expenses and meals. Thanks to our collaboration with several national film centres, GoCritic! team will do its best to help you in finding financial assistance to cover these expenses.

If you have any difficulties with this form or any questions, please write to gocritic@cineuropa.org

Please complete this form in English.

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: 19 May 2019 by midnight CET


(x) I have read and understood the call for participants, and give my agreement for all listed terms and conditions therein.
(x) I agree that my personal data given in this application form may be available to other participants.
(x) I declare my availability for the entire duration of the event.
(x) I agree that the rights of my articles will belong to Cineuropa.

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Please attach evidence of your previous journalistic work published online or in print (minimum 1 article in English or translated into English: if from print, please attach a scan, if online, paste the link in a Word document and attach), and 1 new article written originally in English for this purpose on any film-related topic (Word document or PDF preferred) *
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