Eagles Mentorship Application
This is the application for Eagles Mentorship for the 2017-2018 school year.

Research shows that mentorship has a beneficial impact on both the mentor and the mentee. By becoming a mentor, you will make a positive impact on a younger student's high school experience and you will enrich your own skills in communication, relationship building and leadership.

To become a mentor, you must be available to participate in the activities that occur monthly during the school day (dates will be released soon). You will be assigned to a small group of grade 9s and you will mentor those grade 9s throughout the school year.

To apply, please fill out this online application.

See Mrs. LeBeau or email at Christine.LeBeau@dsbn.org if you have any questions. Thank-you for your interest in becoming a mentor!

In September 2017, I will be in grade:
What extra-curricular activities are you involved with?
In your opinion, why might mentoring grade 9s important at GSS?
What are one or more things you would do to motivate grade 9s to participate in the mentor program?
Identify and explain three qualities you have that make you an excellent candidate for mentorship.
What would you do if you noticed that a grade 9 student regularly ate their lunch alone in the cafeteria?
What has been your biggest challenge in high school and what did you learn from this experience?
What size shirt to you wear?
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