Code of Conduct report (confidential)
Use this form to report incidents related to the Code of Conduct at TED Conferences or at any community event hosted by TED (see the Code of Conduct here:

Include your name and contact information, or choose to submit a report anonymously. All reports are confidential.

To reach out to a trained member of our staff for any issues or questions , please contact and we can meet with you to discuss your concerns or your report.
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Depending on the circumstances, your name will not be shared with the person involved in the incident, but TED needs to know who was involved in order to evaluate the circumstances and if possible, conduct an investigation.
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Please note that in all cases, TED will discreetly follow-up on all reports to determine the appropriate course of action and may need to reach out to you to understand the full context of the situation. We appreciate your thoughts in how you would like us to resolve the situation.
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