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Students Using Soundtrap To Accomplish International Necessity!

Join @BBTNB's Canadian students in creating a 17 track global goals inspired music album using Soundtrap.
The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 are the motivation for this album and after selecting a goal students/classes are asked to create a song that best represents the goal and contribute it to the international release. Will it be rap? Country or rock? Spoken world or electronic dance music? Your students write the lyrics, choose the genre, create the music and produce the track.
Tracks can be upload to a dedicated OneDrive Folder from which we can assemble the final album and share easily with all participants and interested parties.
Represent your country and Teach Sustainable Development Goals as you contribute to an album sure to raise global awareness for this international necessity!

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Twitter Hashtags: #SDGs #TeachSDGs #Soundtrap
Project SUSTAIN 2019 - A Soundtrap Project to Teach Sustainable Development Goals through music and inspire the graduates of today and 2030!
Track list as of February 2019. See to listen!
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