Mysterious Paradise Event ~ Sponsor Application
Thank you for your interest in supporting our real-life animal charity event by sponsoring us!

All Mysterious Paradise team members play an integral part by helping spread the word about the 3rd Mysterious Paradise charity event where 100% of donations received, including live performances and store profits, go directly toward the real life World Animal Protection organisation.

This real world organization works year-round to protect animals in our communities, farmlands, the wild, and disaster-stricken areas around the globe

In our past 2 events, we've raised a little over 150,000 Lindens and 100% of the profits go directly to WAP. We are completely transparent with how the money is donated by posting receipts to our official website, please feel free to check it out for more:

We contribute that success to the selfless dedication and contribution of all the staff, DJs, hosts, SL community and of course our sponsors like TLC Home Collection, Blueberry, Strawberry Singh, 3D Trees, Love Nature Landscaping by FelixvonKotwitz, Figure8, Patron, Cerridwen's Cauldron, Surfer's Bay, Sources, Evhah, Mysterious Designs, Havana at Del Renee Villas, Grandeur Décor, Love Lace Designs, An@rchy Ink, Popsugar, & The Boardwalk.

Please visit our Flickr group page for photos of our last event:

~ Event Dates & Times ~
✿ JULY 2019
✿ Saturday 20th, 2pm-10pm SLT
✿ Sunday 21st, 12pm-4pm SLT

To show our appreciation for your support, we are happy to display your business logo with either a notecard, landmark, or URL at a prestigious location on the sim where the event will be hosted. This will be the main entrance/landing spot where all visitors to our custom designed sim will arrive.

If you are a store owner please be advised that we will require that 100% of your profits go towards our charity. We can supply you with a store booth and we will display your information on our social media throughout the event. We will expect that you help spread the word about our charitable event within your store group, subscription system and through your social media outlets.

The event will be supported by a high-quality custom designed jungle/wildlife themed sim where all events and displays will be hosted.

~ Store Designers ~
✿ You will receive a 100 prim allowance with a free display booth.
✿ The sim will be rated M so if you have a store display please keep that in mind. We cannot allow adult content, poses or demos.
✿ For our theme, we would recommend products that include animals, nature, or the environment, but this is not a requirement.
✿ We will display your logo with either a notecard, landmark, or URL at our front entrance.

~ Estate Owners ~
✿ We will have a sign to display your logo and a landmark giver.
✿ You will receive a 50 prim allowance with a free display stall.

~ Club Owners ~
✿ We will display your logo with either a notecard, landmark, or URL at our front entrance.
✿ We can display a staff application near our stage with your club logo.

~ Land Owners ~
✿ We will display your logo with either a notecard, landmark, or URL at our front entrance.
✿ If your land has impressed our staff you will be listed on our special featured list which will be displayed at our front entrance, and website.

This is a prestigious event and there is always a lot of interest in supporting our charity and helping to protect real-life animals. Please do not be offended if you apply but are unsuccessful and please feel welcome to re-apply for our next event.

If you are interested in being involved and supporting our charity in protecting real-life animals please complete the application form below without delay:

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