Mysterious Paradise Event ~ Sponsor Application

Thank you for your interest in supporting our real-life animal charity event by sponsoring us!

All our staff members play an integral part by helping spread the word about the 3rd Mysterious Paradise Animal Charity Event where 100% of donations, including stage performances and store profits, go directly toward the real-life organisation.

At this point, we've already raised over $150,000 Lindens in just our past two events, and we are completely transparent with how the money is donated by posting receipts to our official website:

By becoming a sponsor we offer the following:


➤ Offer you a FREE stall display at the event itself with the following:
➤ 150 prim allowance, which can be expanded for buildings.
➤ All items must be rated PG, as we cannot allow adult poses or demos.
➤ We would recommend products that include animals, nature, or the environment, but this is not a requirement, you can still participate if you do not have any of these.
➤ Full perm items are allowed.
➤ Your items do not have to be exclusive.
➤ Gachas are welcome, but no reselling other designer items.
➤ If your display is too small for your items, we can display them in a skybox or around the sim.
➤ We will display your logo at our front entrance, social media, and website.
➤ Setup dates: 15th-19th


➤ We will display your logo with any content you provide that will be posted on our website, social media, and entrance.
➤ Setup dates: 15th-19th

➤ Businesses: You will receive a 50 prim allowance with a free display to advertise your business with services you provide at our front entrance
➤ Clubs: We can present a staff application near our stage with your club logo.


We do not make any personal income from making this event, we dedicate our time and skills to make as many funds as possible for these worldwide animals, and help small businesses grow.
If you do not trust us to make the donation, you can still become a sponsor and send your donation directly to World Animal Protection but you must show proof, as we do on our website.

This was a YouTube video created by Strawberry Singh from our last event that you may like to watch:

On July 20th and 21st, there will be stage entertainment with DJs & Singers.

Please view these facebook websites for more information on what this organization does;
(you do not need a facebook account to view)

If you are still interested in being involved and supporting our charity in protecting real-life animals, please complete the application form below:

Do you agree to the terms above, and accept that 100% of your profits made will go towards World Animal Protection? *
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