Masters Orienteering
In 2010, the Executive Director provided the OUSA Board of Directors with a 4-year Strategic Plan. Of all the documents the Strategic Planning Committee has reviewed, this is the most comprehensive, including input from across the breadth and diversity of the OUSA community. In order not to re-invent the wheel, this questionnaire focuses on masters orienteering.

If you see an area you are interested in, we would like your input to:
1) validate whether the 2010 goals remain important today
2) revise 2010 goals and introduce new ones*
3) prioritize the most important goals
4) identify volunteers with the time, passion, and/or resources to turn goals into reality

*We have updated some of the goals to reflect those that are realities today, but we have likely missed some. Please let us know in the section on revising priorities that were listed in the 2010 document.

Thank you for all you do for orienteering!

1. How would you describe your involvement in the World Masters Orienteering Championship (WMOC) (select all that apply): *
How many WMOCs have you attended? *
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3. The following efforts were identified as goals for the WMOC among the US orienteering community in 2010. Today, how important is it that OUSA… *
Not important
Somewhat important
Very important
Top priority (pick no more than 1)
Form a Masters committee to determine how to best support the Masters team from an administrative, coaching and athletic performance perspective. The committee would be assigned with a goal of maximizing world championships results.
Create a common national team uniform, marketing and fundraising materials
Establish a single national team committee with agreed upon goals, spending plans and shared revenue sources
Promote national team programs competing at high levels of international excellence under one name and banner – Team USA
4. What OUSA priorities for WMOC should be added to this list (or updated to reflect current realities), and at what level of importance?
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5. Are you interested in working to make any of these priorities a reality? Which ones, and how may we contact you?
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