Techquitable S22 Mentor Application
Thank you for your interest in being a mentor for Techquitable's Spring 2022 cohort!

Our goal is to make the tech industry more accessible to underrepresented communities regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or education. We pair college students from underrepresented backgrounds interested in a career in software engineering with mentors in the industry to receive technical education and career guidance.

This program will begin Sunday February 27th, and last 9 weeks through Sunday April 24th. As a mentor, the expected time commitment will be ~2 hours/week, dedicated to two primary responsibilities:

1) WEEKLY: Host a 60min session with a paired fellow. You are free to focus on what makes most sense to your fellow, technical or non-technical. We will provide a template every week with practice questions to review the group lessons (see #2 for details) and other discussion topics for guidance as needed. The default pairing will be 1-on-1 but we will also accommodate a limited number of 2-on-1 mentor-fellow trios depending on time constraints.

2) ONE-OFF during the 9 weeks: Co-teach one 60-90min group lesson on a topic along with 1-2 other mentors (so 30-45min of teaching each). Majority of the time will be technical, but there will be non-technical components as well. Technical topics include: Arrays & Strings, Linked Lists, Stacks & Queues, Graphs & Trees, Sorting & Searching, Recursion. Non-technical topics include: Resume Review, Behavioral Interviews, Application Tips, Negotiations. For the technical topics, we have slide templates prepared for each topic from our previous cohorts that you can use to present - think Cracking the Coding Interview but live and interactive.

3) ONE-OFF during the 9 weeks: Midway through the program, we'll organize informal coffee chats to pair fellows with other mentors who are not their personal mentor to broaden their network in addition to their mentor(s). The expectation is that mentors participate in at least one over the course of the cohort.

The application is due Sunday February 6th. Please note that mentors must be able to accommodate North America timezones. Mentor orientation sessions be held Sunday February 13th and Saturday February 19th (morning PST) - you only need to attend one.

If you have any questions, please email or visit our website at Thank you!
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The default expectation for most mentors will be to 1) host weekly 60min mentorship sessions with a fellow, 2) co-teach one 60-90min group lesson on a computer science concept over the course of the 9 weeks, and 3) Participate in at least 1 coffee chat with another fellow during the 9 weeks.  Please select the set of responsibilities you can commit to: *
If you plan to host weekly mentorship sessions with a fellow (options #1 or #2 above), the default expectation will be that each mentor is paired with one fellow in a 1-on-1 relationship. However, we will accommodate some 2-on-1 mentor-fellow trios to reduce burden and provide different perspectives. Please let us know which you prefer:
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Topic Preferences: Please rank your topic preferences - 1 as MOST preferred and 6 as LEAST preferred.  This will be used for group lesson assignments and balancing co-mentor strengths.  For group lessons, please note that although we cannot guarantee your first choice, it is highly unlikely that you will get one of your bottom choices. *
Arrays & Strings
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Sorting & Searching
[Optional] Co-mentor preferences: If you would like a co-mentor, please provide any detail on preferences for co-mentor - e.g. gender preference, name of a friend who is also mentoring, someone stronger in a particular topic etc.
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