Testing New Medicines
1) How old are you?
2) What is your gender?
3) What do you think of animal testing?
4) In what circumstances (if any)do you think its okay to test on animals?
5) Do you know what animals are used for testing?
6) Please choose the animals that you think are used in testing
7) Have you heard of the organisation PETA
8) How many animals do you think have to be put down every year in the US for this industry?
9) What do you think of this statement: ¨Animals have the same bodily functions as humans, so why can´t we test on them!¨
10) What percentage do you think is tested on rats and mice?
11) Do you think we can use alternatives?
12) Have you used any medical tested related products?
13) Do you think that animals would react to something differently other than people?
14) Some animals are bred to be tested upon. Do you think that´s right?
15) If numerous tests kept failing, would the cost of testing eventually outweigh the benefits? Would that be a problem?
16) How do you feel about animal testing now?
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