Library Services
The following survey includes questions about the Middle School Library as well as the Lynnfield Public Library.
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Public Library Card *
Do you have your own public library card?
Library Use Reasons *
What are the top 3 reasons you would visit the middle school or public library? Choose UP TO 3 responses from the list below.
Library Use Obstacles *
What is the main reason you do NOT visit the library (public or school)
Assistance *
Rate how easy or difficult it is to get help at the library, whether it be for a school project or finding great books to read for fun.
Very difficult
Very easy
Recommendations *
When you are looking for a good book to read, or resource for a school project, what is the MAIN resource you use for help:
Reading Format *
How do you prefer to read?
Reading Preference *
When reading for fun, what genre(s) do you prefer? Choose UP TO 3 from the list below
Makerspace *
What would you like to see and use in the Makerspace? Pick your 2 TOP CHOICES from the list below:
Prizes/Incentives to read *
What prizes or incentives from the library would make you want to read more books? (Check all that apply. Add your own ideas if you can think of anything.)
Library Use *
How do you think the library can draw more students your age?
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Public Library Programs *
What programs would you like to see offered at the public library for middle school students? List up to five programs that you would like to attend. Below is a list of some of the programs for middle school students at the Lynnfield Public Library for the past year: Pokemon Go, Cooking Classes, Trivia, Crafts,Tech Time (Lego, WeDo, Lego Mindstorm), Anime and Manga Club, Poetry Programs, Board games, Card Corner (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic: the Gathering card games) , Graphic Novel Book Club, Holiday crafts, Halloween Party, Harry Potter Party, Feature Film (various movies)
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