Outlander Cast Staff Writer Application
Thank you for your interest in applying to be on our staff. We're excited to have new voices, and ideas that involve Outlander.

Before you apply, however, please read the following required terms to see if you will be a good fit for the Outlander Cast Staff:


You can commit to creating of at least one blog post every other month (i.e., six posts per year).

The post can be written, visual or video.


Posts should be thematic in nature and bring something new to the table, i.e. offer insights and ideas that help to make Outlander Cast a go-to place for new and informative Outlander content. Each post should include images with appropriate sourcing and sizing. Images should be relevant, compelling and clean/clear.


Bloggers are expected to promote all written posts and podcasts on one social media platform of your choice. You must promote each new post once it has been published.

Bloggers should also post regularly on the Outlander Cast Clan Gathering Facebook group, engage with the members there and add interesting Outlander content that they find. Writers also must engage/answer/comment on their own pieces, as well as all Outlander Cast posts on Outlandercast.com


We are building a community here — it’s an extension of our tagline, "By the fans, for the fans" — so it’s important for our bloggers to be part of the community and for the members to feel as if they know us. We want to maintain the strongest truest tone we have and continue to strengthen the Outlander Cast brand.

When we are writing, let’s keep two things in mind:

1. Does this sound like me?
2. Does this sound like OC?

These two concepts should work together. Readers should recognize your “voice” as an individual writer and they should also recognize, tonally, that they are reading an OC piece.

If you have applied before, and have not been accepted - PLEASE KEEP APPLYING :) We want lots of ideas.

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