Fandom and Collectibles Selection Survey - Only US Residents
Hi there!
We’re making a study about hobbies and fandom habits, if you live in the US we would like to talk to you!
We are looking to schedule a call to deep dive into your preferences, are you interested in participating? If so, please take the following survey to access the selection process. If you end up being selected, we’ll invite you for a 1h call which will be rewarded with a $40 amazon gift card! Hope to talk to you soon!*

*Selection process will be open until Thursday 12th of December. We will get back to you shortly after with the status of your participation. Calls will be scheduled between the 4th and 16th of December at a time of your preference.
*The call will be held through zoom, requiring you to install the app. If you are selected, one of our team members will get in contact to provide instructions on the set-up and installation.
*By participating you provide consent to Nacar Estudio SL. to use your contact information to schedule a video conference call to take part in the ‘Fandom and Collectibles’ research. The interview material will be shared internally between researchers with whom “Fandom and Collectibles” project collaborates. All the information provided for this study will be treated confidentially and for private use only, by Nacar Estudio S.L. under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can contact us at

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How much do you spend on average per month on Fandom purchases? *
The items you purchase are for yourself or do you buy them from someone else? Select all that correspond. *
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