2017 Employment and Labor Law Final Exam
It’s time to test your employment and labor law expertise with Nexsen Pruet’s seventh annual final exam. How well do you know the FLSA, ADA, and FMLA? Find out below.

We will send out answers to the exam on December 20. If you score 100 percent, you will be entered to win an Amazon gift card. Winners will be announced when the answer key is released.

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The final exam is open book, open notes. Good luck!
1. In a non-union work setting, if a non-supervisory employee demands that a co-worker be present during a disciplinary meeting, the employer must grant the request. *
2. Jane works for Acme Corporation, a small private business with 12 employees. Jane is a non-exempt, part-time employee who is normally scheduled to work 30 hours per week. Acme is sensitive to wage costs and has only 2 full-time employees. Due to a big project, during the next workweek, Jane will be required to work 65 hours. For those 65 hours worked, which of the following methods may Acme use to compensate Jane: *
3. The United States Department of Labor’s regulations for the Fair Labor Standards Act provides for an “executive exemption” from overtime compensation. To qualify for the executive exemption, an employee must (1) meet the applicable duties test; (2) have a primary duty of managing the employer’s enterprise, or a department or subdivision of the enterprise; and satisfy which of the following additional requirements? *
4. To be subject to the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act, an employer must employ ___ or more employees each working day in each of ____ or more calendar weeks in the current or preceding calendar year. *
5. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”), an employer must allow an otherwise qualified employee to take intermittent leave following the birth or placement of a child for adoption. *
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