Mental health research
We would love to hear your thoughts based on your opinions and immediate feedback on our Mental Health Research for our HELPO project!

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What device do you use the most for mental health advice and content? *
What is your favourite mental health application? *
Which personal activities do you regularly do during self-isolation / quarantine on a daily or weekly basis? (check all that apply) *
What do you think is frustrating about existing health and wellbeing apps? (check all that apply) *
Which features would you be willing to pay to use in the app: (check all that apply) *
What information would you need most to use the app on a regular basis? *
What kind of issues would you like the app to target? (tick all that apply)
Have you ever been in mental health therapy or counselling?
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If yes, what part of it did you find helpful? (Write 'N/A' if not applicable)
How long on average do you spend on a meditation or wellbeing exercise session? *
How often do you practice meditation or wellbeing exercises online? *
Are you interested in social impact and giving back to charities through participating in challenges? *
Are you interested in doing Helpo Challenges on a regular basis? *
If you were in a support group - how many people do you want to help and interact with so you can help each other with your wellbeing and motivation? *
Are you interested in helping others and supporting them in a group to share challenges together? *
Would you be interested in creating content and challenges in our app within a closed group? *
Who do you trust for an opinion when looking for tips on your wellbeing? Tick all that apply: *
How difficult on a scale is it to continue a mindfulness/wellbeing challenge or weekly exercise? *
How frustrating is it to find new ideas and things to do? (1 easy - 5 difficult) *
How hard is it to find some wellbeing suggestions that are personal to your preferences and interests? (1easy to 5 hardest) *
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