Emergent Infrastructure Needs & Resources Survey
Mosaic is a new initiative focused on building movement infrastructure to better support people working for clean air and water, a safe climate, healthy and just communities, and biodiversity and ecological integrity. Thank you for sharing your emergent infrastructure needs in this challenging time.

Mosaic’s Governance Assembly, forming now, will use this information as it considers Mosaic’s first RFP, and we will share back to you information on resources that are currently available to assist organizations via newsletter.
Thank you for all you do.

Please feel free to reach out to Mosaic’s Administrative Coordinator, Taylor Griggs (tgriggs@mosaicmomentum.org) with any questions.
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What types of infrastructure does your organization need now to maintain your important work (e.g. shared remote services, technology, etc.)?
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Are you familiar with any resources that are already available to help organizations maintain work now? If so, please share in the box below—we will make sure any information you or others share is circulated through the Mosaic newsletter.
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