Hoonah Cruise Ship Dock Community Survey
Icy Strait Point is proposing to build a secondary dock facility and lightering (tendering) dock. Hoonah Indian Association is seeking feedback from Tribal and community members on their opinion on the proposed dock.

The results of this survey are anonymous.

Do you live in Hoonah most of the year?
Are You a Huna Totem Shareholder?
Are you aware of the new dock facility proposal at Icy Strait Point to construct a second dock and lightering dock?
What potential impacts of a second dock are you concerned about?
For any of the potential impacts you've identified above please provide more information about your concern:
Your answer
What could be done to counteract (mitigate) the effects of increased tourism on our community and its resources? Rank your top 5 choices from one to 5 with 1 being the best option and 5 being the worst.
Do Not Use
Do Not Use
Increase Funding in Land Management Activities on Huna Totem Lands
Monitor Catch of Halibut and Salmon by Charters
Increase Shareholder Dividends
Cap the Number of Tourists Per Year
Cap the Number of Ships Per Season
Not Build a Dock
None of These
For any of the items above that you have identified above please provide more information:
Your answer
Do you have anything else you would like to contribute?
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