*The questionnaire aims at gathering information on workers’ needs and level of satisfaction with companies' policies for workers with disability and chronic diseases, based on country, age, gender, professional role and personal situation.

Aggregated and clustered data will help trade unions negotiate effective policies on disability in the European finance sector.

The questionnaire is completely ANONYMOUS. The system used by FIRST CISL acquires the answers without any identification of the respondent. The collected data will be processed in an aggregated way, in order to not allow in any way to trace, even indirectly, the identity of the person who completes the questionnaire.

Please fill in this questionnaire according to the instructions for each question.

Thank you for your contribution!
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Non-financial reporting directive (2014/95/EU): an opportunity to develop the participation and inclusion rights of people with disabilities and prevent the risk of social dumping. The crucial role of EWCs and Trade Unions - VS/2019/0048
1. Would you define your company as inclusive? *
not at all
yes, completely
2. Do you feel workers with disability or chronic diseases are supported and valued by your company management? *
not at all
yes, completely
3. Are the following specifically tailored for workers with disability or chronic diseases in your company? *
I don't know
3.1 Recruitment process
3.2 Training and development (e.g. training on disability awareness)
3.3 Working practices (e.g. flexible working, smart working, part time)
3.4 Physical environment (Accessible elevator, Accessible bathroom, parking…)
3.5 Assistive technology (e.g. touch-screen devises, speech recognition,…)
3.6 Transport
3.7 Home services (e.g. nurse, physiotherapist, family assistant)
3.8 Support ( e.g. psychological, job coach, on-line mentoring)
4. Are your company policies/services on disability the result of collective agreements or negotiations with trade unions? *
5. In your opinion company initiatives in the field of disability and chronic diseases *
5.1 Increase workers’ sense of corporate belonging
5.2 Allow workers to work with more peace of mind
5.3 Allow to work more productively
5.4 Improve corporate climate and relationship between colleagues
6. Do you think there is a need for a specific disability division or position (Disability manager) in your company? *
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