Clearlingo Initial Registration Form for Linguists
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Languages you speak and are proficient enough to use for interpreting and/or translation *
Relevant qualifications (please specify languages if relevant, e.g. MA in Translation with Spanish and Portuguese) For each qualification please indicate: title, year, country and organisation/institution/awarding body *
Professional Membership (if any)
Security clearance (if any) Please indicate Type, Issue date, Certificate No, Subscribed to auto-renewal service: YES/NO *
Experience (Please state the number of years you have been working as an interpreter and/or translator) *
Employment History : To comply with the BPSS process, please provide details of your employment for the whole of the previous 3 years. Please start with your most recent employment then work in reverse order. You should also indicate clearly any service or work overseas and state the country. Please make sure to indicate: Company name and full postal address, Position held, if Overseas please state Country, Date from and to, Name of referee to verify employment, Relationship, Mailing address (if different from above), Email address, Length of association: *
I confirm that the information supplied above is correct and accurate *
I give permission for the named contacts and/or organisations to be contacted by Clearlingo to verify my work/ academic history/ 3rd party engagement *
If your employment history does not already give a reasonable account covering all of the last 3 years; then you must now include information which can be verified for any gaps, particularly if you spent 6 months or more abroad during any gap period. (E.g. If you have recently left school or since leaving school have been in full-time education and not employed, please provide details of the Academic Institute as a reference. If you were self-employed, please provide evidence that your business was properly conducted, i.e. references from clients, bank manager, and accountant.)
Payment details (please indicate Bank name, Account number and Sort-code if you are based in the UK. If based abroad, please provide Paypal e-mail) *
Thank you for completing our initial registration form. Please note, in order to be fully registered with Clearlingo, you will need to provide the following by e-mail *
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Declaration: I declare that the information I have given on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. In addition, I understand that any false information or deliberate omission in the information I have given on this form may disqualify me for employment in connection with Crown contracts. I undertake to notify any material changes in the information I have given above to Clearlingo. *
Your information: Important: Data Protection Act (1998). This form asks you to supply “personal” data as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998. You will be supplying this data to Clearlingo, or its authorised representative, where it will be processed exclusively for the purpose of successful completion of the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (Baseline Standard). The information which you provide will be protected and will not be passed to anyone who does not require to see it.By signing the declaration on this form, you are explicitly consenting for the data you provide to be processed in the manner described above. If you have any concerns about any of the questions or what we will do with the information you provide, please contact the person who issued this form for further information. *
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