District 77 Membership Survey
Please help the District 77 Leadership Team plan future events with input from our members
Have you logged into Pathways and taken the assessment?
How excited are you about Pathways
Not at all
Very excited, already giving speeches
Club Officer training is important to club success. The following are training options we have used in the past. Please check which one you prefer.
Have you ever attended a District 77 Conference?
If you have attended a District 77 Conference, how many?
Your answer
If not please give the reason why?
We have been holding our Conference the first weekend in May. That weekend several Universities in our district hold graduation. This makes securing hotels harder and more expensive. We are considering moving our conference to the last weekend in April or next to last weekend in April. Please check the one you prefer.
Since we no longer have a Fall Conference, the District can host an educational training day in the fall. This can include a luncheon to celebrate the past years accomplishments. This luncheon can also take place during a centralized TLI in December or January. Please check your preference
Districts are limited to holding contest during the Spring Conference. We are required to hold the International Contest and can decide how many and which contest to hold each year. Which of the options below do prefer?
Currently we start the Spring Conference at 5 PM on Friday. Many people do not show up till Saturday. If we want to have 3 or 4 contest along with the educational sessions, and the District Council meeting we will need to start things earlier in the day.Are you willing to arrive earlier on Friday in order to hold more contest?
How likely are you to attend a Sunday morning session with the keynote speaker of the conference?
Will not attend
Defiantly will attend
District 77 is going to start to putting together regular webinars to help our members learn more about Toastmasters. Ideas include: Using FreeToastHost, Pathways, Judges training, etc. Each webinar will be recorded and a link to it placed on the District Website for future viewing. Please suggest topics for future webinars?
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