LAPSEN Law and Public Safety Database
A Department of Justice COPS grant was used to establish a database of programs preparing youth for careers in law and public safety. The database is to be shared with agencies who can employee those youth. It will also serve as a way for agencies to reach out and partner with local programs. The information provided will not be available to the general public, nor made available for commercial purposes.

Programs included in the database include high school career and technical programs, technical college programs, Public Safety Cadets, Explorer Posts, and local career programs.

If a school has two programs - such as a fire program and a law enforcement program - please fill this out for each program separately. If a city has a fire and a law enforcement Explorer Post - please fill this our for each program separately.
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Career Program Name *
Organization/Department/School name *
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Primary contact last name *
Primary contact first name *
Primary contact title (advisor, youth liaison, officer,  teacher, program specialist, etc.) *
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Program Type - choose one. 
CTE is Career and Technical Education (once called "VocEd"). 
A "comprehensive" high school is the "regular," local high school where students are zoned to attend. 
Dual Enrollment is where students get college credit. Here we mean programs where students are ONLY enrolled in college courses - not courses in the local school
Post-Secondary: means after high school: technical college, community college, university
Work Based Learning: internships or apprenticeships offered through a high school. 
Age/Grade Range Served - check all that apply. 
Post-Secondary: means after high school: technical college, community college, university
Young Adult is 18-21. 
Adult is 21 and over. 
Average yearly enrollment (without Covid): *
Program length - choose most accurate description. Course refers to a traditional one year school course or a one term college course. Explorer/cadet programs are most likely three years plus.  *
Program frequency/intensity- choose most accurate description. 
If high school or middle school - choose "secondary." 
List any law and public safety agencies that work with the program on a regular basis. You may enter "none." *
Number of teachers/officers/staff involved in the program on a regular basis *
Estimate as best you can, how many participants go on to careers in the area the program focuses on?  *
Pathways or concentrations offered (check all that apply) *
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