Candidate Endorsement Criteria Questionnaire
The mission of Women’s March WI is to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change. We are committed to dismantling systems of oppression through nonviolent resistance and building inclusive structures guided by self-determination, dignity and respect.

We affirm a democracy that is centered on the public good, not individual rights or a false idea that we should be deregulated, autonomous agents with no responsibility for each other and our communities. We are equally concerned with how candidates advocate, as what they advocate.

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Fair Access to Quality Education
1. Will you support well-funded, high quality, and universally accessible public schools for all children, regardless of geography, income, disability or background?

2. Will you commit to free quality public education for all, including supporting funding for early childhood programs, student services and extracurricular activities?

3. Please explain your stance on charter schools.

4. Will you say no to subsidizing private or religious schools with taxpayer money?

5. Will you support adequate and equitable resources for every teacher and classroom, based on what they need? This includes living wages for teachers and all public employees.
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Quality Healthcare for Everyone
1. Will you commit to a health system in which everyone can go to a health center, when we need to, get what we need to stay healthy, and then pay either nothing or only a modest amount that we can afford?

2. Will you reduce drug prices by revoking government-granted monopolies to any drug company that charges Americans more for medications than it charges people in the next 10 richest countries?

3. Will you fight for a health care system that covers everybody regardless of age, income, or pre-existing conditions, and costs no more out-of-pocket than we can afford? This includes coverage for transgender-related healthcare.

4. Will you support coverage for all aspects of reproductive health care, including access to safe and healthy abortions, maintaining access to those services and fertility preservation treatments? Will you fight to protect women’s health clinics across the state or in your community?

5. Will you fight to improve health outcomes, including for maternal and reproductive health, mental health, and addiction treatment? And support research to find root causes of diseases?

6. Will you win the war against deadly opioid addiction by funding access to addiction treatment medicine, provide overdose prevention tools, and change drug laws and enforcement practices that put victims in jail, instead of in treatment?

7. Will you help pass a law that provides in-home community services to people living with disabilities, and seniors, so we we can all live and contribute productively in our homes and communities, rather than being locked away in expensive nursing homes and institutions?
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Restorative Justice
1. Will you commit to a fair criminal justice system that aims to rehabilitate individuals, and eliminates disparities in enforcement, prosecution, and sentencing? And support Federal oversight on every investigation into lethal use of force or severe injury?

2. Will you see that The Old Laws of Parole are upheld legally and ethically and that inmates be released in accordance with The State Legislative Codes and The Parole Guidelines without prejudice, discrimination or delay.

3. Will you end harsh mandatory minimum sentences and excessive drug laws that bankrupt our legal system and keep non-violent offenders behind bars?

4. Will you commit to ending unfair and ineffective policing practices such as cash bail and racial profiling?

5. Will you support a ban on private prisons which profit from mass incarceration?

6. Will you say no to "work-release" programs? No one should be forced to labor for their freedom.

7. Will you support felon voter re-enfranchisement?
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Economic Regulation
1. Will you fight for people over profits?

2. Will you support that the minimum wage is a living wage of at least $15 an hour?

3. Will you fight to pass a law ensuring that all workers have paid sick and family leave, and childcare that costs no more than 10% of annual income?

4. Will you commit to closing corporate tax loopholes and forcing corporations and wealthy individuals to pay their fair share of taxes?

5. Will you support ending the use of tax havens by corporations and wealthy individuals?
Please explain your position on economic regulation: *
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Civil Liberties
1. Will you rollback voter ID laws?

2. Do you oppose gerrymandering, even when it works in the Democrats' favor?

3. Will you protect free and open speech?

4. Will you commit to passing a new equal rights law that guarantees hiring equity and equal pay for equal work, and uses tax incentives and penalties to end disparities in employment, housing, policing, and sentencing based on gender, race, religion or sexual identity?
Please explain your position on civil liberties: *
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1. America has always been a nation of immigrants. Will you reflect this value by welcoming refugees and immigrants, and supporting a short path to citizenship for DREAMers, aspiring citizens, and those escaping oppression and violence?

2. Will you support amnesty?

3. Will you push measures to ensure that immigrants aren’t singled out by local law enforcement, and protect people who are detained by immigration raids by passing a policy that guarantees access to legal counsel?

4. Will you demand the Trump Administration end the violent practice of automatically criminalizing undocumented immigrants and tearing families apart?

5. What actions will you take to complete the investigations into the sexual assault of detained individuals, hold the perpetrators accountable, and locate the 1,500 missing children?
Please explain your position on immigration: *
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Indigenous Rights
1. As an elected official, will you honor and acknowledge ALL indigenous communities?

2. Do you hold air, land and water sacred? See environmental criteria below.

3. Will you uphold American Indian Studies in Wisconsin, often referred to as Wisconsin Act 31? This is to the requirement that all public school districts and pre-service education program provide instruction on the history, culture, and tribal sovereignty of Wisconsin’s eleven federally-recognized American Indian nations and tribal communities.

4. A Tribal ID card issued by a federally recognized Native American tribe that resides in Wisconsin can be used for voting. Do you support this?
Please explain your position on indigenous rights: *
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1. Will you hold polluters financially accountable for harms caused by their damage to our land, waterways and aquifers? This means holding polluters responsible for health costs, relocation costs, and the cost of rebuilding damaged ecosystems and infrastructure. This also means no corporate dumping in federal parks and waterways.

2. Will you support an initiative that incentivizes use of renewable energy, and creation of clean-energy jobs and R&D in communities hard hit by pollution and declining legacy industries? This initiative should be funded in part with a tax penalty on polluters.

3. Will you lead an effort to enact laws to reinstate protections for the land, sea and air that have been rescinded by the EPA since 2016? Will you work to increase parks department funding for land preservation?

4. Do you support a plan to protect and restore our natural environment with annual reductions in climate change emissions to safe and sustainable levels?
Please explain your position on the environment: *
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Military and Hard Power
1. Will you say no U.S. involvement in the Syrian war?

2. Do you support a troop drawdown across the board?

3. Will you support decreased military spending?
Please explain your position on the military: *
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Foreign Affairs
1. Do you support protectionist trade measures?

2. How do you propose we restore the State Department?
Please explain your position on foreign affairs: *
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End Mass Shootings. Stop Gun Violence.
1. Will you pass a law that bans assault rifles and keeps guns, bumpstocks and giant bullet clips out of the hands of civilians who could shoot children or other humans?

2. Will you also require weapons buyers and sellers to be licensed, buy insurance, undergo background checks and register all their guns?

3. What will you do to ensure gun reform does not disproportionately impact marginalized groups most affected by gun violence such as medical cannabis users, people with mental health diagnoses and people of color?

4. Will you push for the CDC and NIH to research gun violence as we would any other public health crisis?
Please explain your position on gun control: *
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Ending Domestic and Sexual Violence
1. Will you ensure that women and people of color gain better enforcement of expanded legal protections from discrimination, harassment and abuse in the workplace, at school, in our communities, and in our personal and professional relationships?

2. Will you support the Child Victims Act? This legislation would eliminate the civil statute of limitations on child sex abuse AND allow a three-year window in which victims barred by the current statutes could file civil suits.

3. Will you hold those convicted of crimes related to rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence accountable for their behavior, ensuring both white men and men of color are equal under the law.

4. Will you ensure all college campuses accurately report sexual assault crimes and enforce protective and reactive regulations?

5. Will you require that medical professionals are adequately and properly trained to care for victims of sexual violence?
Please explain your position on ending domestic and sexual violence: *
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What previous convictions, if any, have you had?
We recognize the systems of oppression that disproportionately target people of color. We ask for this information so that we can consider people holistically as complicated and imperfect. If applicable, what would you like us to know about the circumstances surrounding those convictions? *
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Public Town Halls
If elected, will you commit to holding at least four town halls per year, in-person, in-your-district or region, and open to all, and with the majority of time for answering unmoderated, uncurated questions from the public? *
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Professional Staff
If elected, will you commit to hiring people with diverse backgrounds and life experiences on your staff – including women, people of color, people with disabilities, Native, immigrant, Muslim, lesbian, queer, trans, nonbinary, formerly incarcerated and poor people? We believe these staff members are crucial in guiding policy, establishing office culture and connecting electeds with constituents. *
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