Date: April 27th, 2019
Stepping For History Tradition & Pride
Important rules and Regulations:
1. Complete the forms and email all completed documents to urbanheatacademy@gmail.com.

2. The deadline to mail/email registration materials, including the Registration Fee $20.00 per athlete is due by March 23rd 2019. This payment can be submitted in the form of a Money Order or Certified Check and payable to Urban Heat Academy and mailed in to PO Box 1172,
Alameda CA 94501. There will be a $50.00 LATE FEE if sent in after the deadline. Teams are allowed to substitute names as we understand team changes may occur due to unexpected circumstances, however teams can only add up to two people at a later date and again, coaches can ALWAYS substitute people.

 All Names MUST match the deposit.
 Coaches/Advisors: Please email the names of your step Team members along with a short one paragraph informational biography of the team, any accomplishments and awards with will be submitted into the media guide . We will match your names with BOTH your SIGNED Parent Registration Forms and Deposit.
 Medical Release Form:
While we do not require the entire medical release form to be completed, however each athlete must be sure to print their name along with the parent signature.

3. Your routine cannot be longer than 10 minutes. If ANY team is going to have props, you MUST inform the staff as it will have to be approved and ready during your Walk-Through times for proper storage. To be respectful of time walk-through times will began at 9:00am each team will be allotted 10 minutes. Please note walk though times are finial therefore late teams will forfeit their walk through time and have music ready and available.

4. Discounted Tickets for Parents are available at www.urbanheatacademy.com
 $15.00 per person 12 and older
 Kids 2 and under free

We highly encourage teams and coaches to create their own posters on their campus and social media outlets to get your school involved in supporting your step team! For teams who are traveling from afar, feel free to view the following links for information regarding hotel accommodations, attractions and transportation.
Las Vegas Attractions

5. There are only three categories: Elementary, Middle & High School, unfortunately there will be no subdivisions or gender specific. 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place in each subsection will receive trophies. The overall Elementary, Middle & High school with the highest scores will receive the Cash Prizes!!

6. Time Limit: All teams have 8-10 minutes for their performance. This includes intro and outro. Please Time your show in advance! We will have a timer at the judges table, if your team runs out and anyone from your team is on stage you will be deducted points.

7. All teams participating in the step show will be required to incorporate the importance of valuing History, Tradition & Pride.

Questions Contact Urban Heat Academy at (916) 546.5429
Email: urbanheatacademy@gmail.com

2019 West Coast National Step Show Competition Stepping for History, Tradition & Pride
Each Team is allowed 8-10 minutes: time begins once the team is in position.
No Foul Language or obscene gestures. Teams must represent who they are and what key principals that they stand on. Teams must send a message to other encouraging others to value History Tradition & Pride.
Each team will be judged on the following…

Introduction: 5pts
Appearance: 10pts
Precision/Synchronization 20pts
Difficulty 20pts
Creativity: 10pts
Vocal Clarity 10pts
Enthusiasm: 10pts
Transitions: 10pts
Exit: 5pts

Total: 100pts


2019 West Coast National Youth Step Show Athlete Emergency Form: Parent Consent & Media Release Form
Students Name_____________________________________ School:_____________________________

Student’s Date of Birth_______________________________ Grade:_____________________________

Parent Signature: _____________________________ Parent Name_____________________________


Home Phone: (____)______________Work Phone: (____)_____________Cell Phone: (____)__________

Emergency Contact:

Name: _____________________________ Relationship: __________________

Number ( ) _________ - ______________

At our discretion, In the event of an emergency if the parent or emergency contact cannot be reached we will contact an ambulance.

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