2018-2019 Princeton SU Trip Log
Any time your troop gets together that's NOT DURING YOUR REGULAR MEETING TIME OR AT YOUR REGULAR MEETING LOCATION you must add it to the Trip log. This includes Cookie Booths and SU events, too. Overnight Trips should also be included
You should be able to fill out this form in just a couple of minutes. Then someone from the SU will know where your troop is if there's some sort of incident.

You should always designate an Emergency Contact who is not on the trip. That person should know how to contact all the parents in case there's an issue and also how to reach the leader on the trip.

If your trip plans change, just submit another request and note in the "other info" section that it's a revision.

REMEMBER: Overnight trips of 2 or more nights and any trip over 350 miles also require Council approval. Please allow at least 4 weeks. Please use the online Trip approval form

Barbara Thomas, Princeton SU Manager,

Happy Travels!

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