SSS Harassment Report/Advocate Request
This form is intended to report incidents of harassment or request support from advocates. At this time, our advocates are focused on providing support and helping to document (at the discretion of the person reporting) any incidents that occur. We do not currently have policies in place for penalizing the people reported as offenders in these reports, but we are working to develop these policies for future meetings. 

You can find the existing policy of the Southern Sociological Society concerning harassment here

Transparency: These reports go to Bri Turgeon, the Chair of the Antiharassment Taskforce. The only conditions under which this information would be shared with anyone else include:
  • If the person reporting requests an advocate, the information from the report will be shared with the advocate.
  • If the person reporting requests the report be sent to SSS Leadership, the information from the report will be sent to the Executive Officer and President. 
  • We will only be widely sharing the number of reports and types of incidents that occur, all other information will remain confidential. This information will be used to make policy recommendations and improvements for SSS. 
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Incident reported by (may input anonymous). If you are an advocate submitting this report, put your name here. 
Offender(s) being reported (may input anonymous):
Type of harassment experienced
Description of Incident (optional)
Some possibilities of things to include are:
-What happened?
- Where did the incident happen? (e.g., onsite, offsite, etc.)
-Who was involved?

If you like to request assistance from an advocate, select an advocate below and they will reach out ASAP. 
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If you requested advocate assistance above, please share the contact information you would like for us to use to reach out to you. 
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