Westboro FUSE 2019 - BIA Member Registration
Westboro FUSE Street Festival - Member Registration
Festival Dates: August 17 - 18, 2019

This registration form is for your business to submit what they will be doing for the Westboro FUSE Street Festival (FUSE) this summer!

While programming indoors is welcome, we encourage all businesses to set up something outdoors - it's a street festival after all, and attendees will be interested to see what you've set up to represent your business!

Please fill out this form to confirm your participation as quickly as possible. The earlier you submit, the more time we'll have an opportunity to promote what you're offering.

IMPORTANT: Please only submit this form once you know what you're doing, as the info here may be used to market your activities in our promotional campaign.

NOTE: If you're a member of the WVBIA and do not have a street-level storefront, we still very much want you to take part in FUSE! Fill out the form and we will find you an appropriate space on the street.


Need some ideas on how to participate?
Would you like some logistical help with the festival?
Want some introductions to other BIA members so you can plan something together?

Were happy to help! Please contact:

Jake Naylor, Event Manager
Westboro FUSE Street Festival
c/o Whiskeyjack Media
Email: jake@wjack.ca
Cell: 613-325-0555 (call/text)

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