UTFOLD Coordinator Application 2020
UTFOLD is now recruiting coordinators! Positions are "non-competitive," as in, you will not be running against other applicants. Apply for as many positions as you think you can handle. Have fun~
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Coordinator Descriptions
Coordinators coordinate together! If a position you are extremely interested in is already occupied, you may still select it to indicate that you're willing to lend a helping hand in that category of teaching/management.
Logistics Coordinator
Assigned to: Ryan Chen
Role 1 (formerly Technical Coordinator):
While the Director of Media and Communications is the software wizard and talker, the Logistics Coordinator is the hardware warrior and planner. The Logistics Coordinator is in charge of regular documentation, maintenance, and purchase of inventories for the club & contributes to workshop and event preparation. All financial activities will be discussed with the Treasurer and President. Spending that the three agree upon will be reimbursed. At a minimum, the Logistics Coordinator will help set up tech hardware (e.g. projectors) and offer some suggestions on which paper is suitable for which workshop. The Logistics Coordinator may opt-in on the UTFOLD's Facebook executive chat to stay in-the-know about upcoming events and any pitfalls in planning.
Role 2 (formerly Collegiate and Community Origami Emissary):
This coordinator is in charge of communicating with other college origami clubs (international) via Discord and with local origami organizations (e.g. Origami Society of Toronto). The goal is to organize collaborations, or more realistically (since our 2020-2021 itinerary is already quite packed), share ideas about folding, diagramming, sourcing paper, etc. The Logistics Coordinator will have access to the UTFOLD email and may opt in on joining the UTFOLD Executive chat. If desired, whoever is in this Coordinator role will also receive forwarded request emails to teach origami for companies, festivals, and libraries in the Toronto area with priority over general members.
Toronto Public Library Ambassador
Assigned to: Cassidy and Andrew
This is our fourth year of collaborating with the Toronto Public Library system. At the Lillian H. Smith branch, UTFOLD runs a program called STORYgami. Every month, our ambassadors teach children ages 5+, and occasionally their parents, how to fold easy-intermediate origami. Cassidy and Andrew are the 2018-2020 ambassadors of this position. They are responsible for all aspects of workshop preparation as well as the teaching. A new coordinator in this position will join Cassidy and Andrew in one of their Saturday 2-4 PM workshops to see how the program is run.
This summer, we received two requests to teach origami from TPL libraries other than Lillian. It will thus be the responsibility of a third ambassador, if we have one, to maintain communication with these branches. The ambassador will have access to the UTFOLD email with the limited permission of contacting Senior Library Assistants from the TPL system. If TPL wants someone from UTFOLD to teach origami, then the TPL Ambassador must go if available.
SickKids Ambassador
Assigned to: Jocelyn Tamura
This is a position that has existed since 2012, but has transformed in the latest years to be much more involved. Jocelyn occupies this position for 2019-2020. She teaches simple origami to children in the Family Resources Centre and Psychiatry Day Hospital. The SickKids Ambassador is responsible for the majority of communications between UTFOLD and the hospital. Although the volunteering schedule is negotiable, the registration process is lengthy. From TB tests to police checks, expect at least two months of preliminary commitment before being able to teach. The cost of SickKids volunteering application materials for this position are reimbursable after the ambassador teaches one workshop and is welcomed to return for a future workshop. Like STORYgami, the ambassador must have some experience with origami or, at the minimum, a strong willingness to pick up the basics quickly. No prior experience in teaching origami is required. No expertise in origami is required. However, with a helping hand from the executive team for the first few workshops with SickKids, the ambassador is fully responsible for preparing the origami models and their diagrams, rehearsing and brainstorming multiple origami ideas on an almost-monthly basis.
Toronto Western Hospital Ambassador
Assigned to: Sukriti Sachdev
Sukriti completed the application and interview process for this position; it is no longer available. Those who desperately want to teach origami in the hospital setting and do not mind brainstorming new collaboration ideas, sending professional emails, and taking initiative, can check the box to show their interest.
In the past we donated a lot of origami (doves, cranes, cards, boxes, etc.) to TWH, and our members received certificates for their contributions. This is now classified as volunteering by TWH, and only students who have completed the necessary blood testing plus VSS background check can contribute. The good news is that thanks to the TWH Ambassador, UTFOLD can now be involved with the ENGAGE program for in-patient teaching.
Advanced Workshop Coordinator
Assigned to: Jingxiu Ji
Advanced Workshop Coordinators have the responsibility of teaching at least one advanced model per semester. Jingxiu, the current AWC, is preparing to teach three advanced-level workshops. The AWC should absolutely have experience folding origami models with over a hundred steps. No prior experiences is needed, however, in teaching, diagramming, or paper preparation. Finding printer-friendly advanced diagrams, helping workshop attendees out with the most challenging steps, and learning how to prepare paper such as tissue foil and Unryu, are the minimum tasks a second Advanced Workshop Coordinator will be expected to accomplish by the end of the term. Another important note is that advanced workshops tend to be held before Reading Week. 2019-2020's tentative advanced workshop dates are 11/1, 1/31, and 3/20. Difficult models will also be featured on 10/25, 1/3, and 3/6 which can serve as alternative dates to fulfill the once per semester requirement.
Specialty Instructor
The Specialty Instructor teaches at least two workshops, one of which must introduce a new origami technique. This position is currently unoccupied for the 2019-2020 year. A second Advanced Workshop Coordinator may choose to claim this title instead. To compensate, the Specialty Instructor will serve as the secondary instructor, or co-instructor, to workshops that Jingxiu leads. The Specialty Instructor will not be responsible for diagram and paper preparations, but needs to have some skill and willingness in teaching challenging steps. The Specialty Instructor is still allowed to generate ideas for and teach origami workshops of any difficulty workshops, but it will then be the responsibility of the coordinator to contact the club president to show great interest in doing so.
Internal Events Coordinator
UTFOLD has a lot of affiliations on the U of T campus, and receives requests to teach origami on-campus on a biweekly basis. In 2019-2020, we expect requests to teach from the U of T Department of Mathematics, Engineering Society, Sandford Fleming library, UTJA for the 2020 Winter Festival, and more. The Internal Events Coordinator does not need to have prior experience in teaching origami. The most important requirements is that this coordinator responds to online communications quickly, has some degree of flexibility in their weekly schedule, and a strong willingness to teach beginner to intermediate level origami to an audience of any age.
Assistant Instructor
This is the perfect position for someone who loves casual teaching. There are two ways this role works out. One, the Assistant Instructor gets in touch with the executive team and receives the full workshop itinerary 2019-2020. The draft schedules lists out our teaching plans for every Friday, and although the days may still shift to accommodate inter-club collaborations, the models will remain more or less the same. The Assistant Instructor will name a couple of models they are interested in helping out with and be placed in direct contact with the primary instructor for the corresponding workshop(s). Two, the Assistant Instructor can drop by workshops whenever they please with no advance preparation. They must, in that scenario, have some skill or talent for interpreting origami instructions. They will guide members who are struggling by showing how to complete the next fold, undoing the help, explaining how the diagrams are supposed to be interpreted for that step, and oversee the member completing the fold correctly. Assistant Instructors are an important part of the UTFOLD teaching team. They improve the rate that members fold models successfully and ultimately make the workshop a better learning environment.
Art Associate
UTFOLD makes workshop banners on a near-weekly basis and personalized calendars on a monthly basis. Other promotional art, such as pamphlets, merchandise, and business cards often get neglected because UTFOLD is always busy attending to its regular art deadlines. An applicant to the Art Associate position can, after talking to the Director of Art and President, design one or multiple banners or calendars. The Art Associate has permission to put their signature on the banner as evidence of their contribution to the club. Some degree of experience in digital art is required, but the Art Associate should equally importantly have the drive to improve, want artistic materials created to have a positive impact on club membership and attendance, and communicate effectively online and/or in-person. As with the Director of Art executive position, the Art Associate should have an eye for what colours go well together, which fonts are most thematically fitting, and be moderately dedicated to cleaning up low resolutions or rough edges.
Media Associate
The Media Associate role can be for the multi-talented or single-talented in video-making. UTFOLD has a YouTube channel that exists, but is not particularly active. The Media Associate can record videos of origami events. The associate will be invited by the President to join in on cultural festivals where UTFOLD has a booth. The Media Associate can also request to attend more internal and external events. UTFOLD has been weak in posting photos of people folding and gathering on social media in the past two years. The Media Associate will work alongside the Photographer to correct this. This coordinator can record videos of the origami folding process of any person with their consent. Alternatively, the coordinator can be successful in video editing and assist the President, Photographer, or Director of Art in creating promotional materials.
Public Relations Associate
Getting sponsorship deals is not easy. The success rate is less than 50%, even with in-person meetings and formal documentation. The Public Relations Associate will assist the Vice President External and President with all sponsorship activities within the club. If this coordinator makes a request to, the President will consider putting the PRA in touch with large companies that ask or have asked us to teach in the past. Examples of companies that UTFOLD has a shaky partnership with are Amazon and Baycrest. The Public Relations Association can pitch a collaboration to companies such as these because the President is honestly not bold or tact enough to do so.
Paper Engineer Coordinator
Origami is becoming a greater part of the community in more ways than one. It's an art that is gaining purpose in biomedical engineering and even providing shelter. The Paper Engineer Coordinator should be someone with an inventive spirit. This coordinator can work with the President and Treasurer to apply for the Good Ideas Fund and Student Initiative Fund. In doing so, the Paper Engineer Coordinator will be able to purchase the necessary resources for designing an origami piece that improves the quality of life for some or all people. It is acceptable for applicants to the Paper Engineer Coordinator position to be less ambitious. On a club-level, the PEC is expected to showcase the beauty and wow-factor of origami with creative projects, that don't necessarily have to be large in scope. Once every one or two months, the Paper Engineer with be expected to submit a photo of their creation. They may ask for assistance from the Director of Photography. Paper will be provided alongside moral support from the executive team. The work will be posted to UTFOLD's social media. If the image is to the correct dimensions, it can even replace former cover photos and be the first thing that visitors to UTFOLD sites see. All models folded by the PEC will be given appropriate credit to the designer, diagrammer, and folder.
Human Resources Coordinator
The Human Resources Coordinator is the only position that requires prior experience as a UTFOLD coordinator. The HRC assists the new coordinators with transitioning into their positions by explaining the application process and other requirements in detail. In addition to communicating with club members, the HRC should anticipate sending professional emails to schools, libraries, and hospitals. If the Vice President External or President find it necessary, the HRC will be given access to the UTFOLD email account for handling various external affairs.
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