2017 Volunteer Signup
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with RVC!

Please let us know how you would like to get involved.

Most of the positions below allow you to engage for all of 2017 if you are selected. The board committees will meet at least once a month and the conference committees will engage on a seasonal basis to support RVCs conferences.

The VC Due Diligence Associates are a tight team of five professionals who conduct due diligence on two deals per month for RVC investors. Due diligence associates work on a four month term with an option for renewal. These are highly competitive positions!

What Volunteer Committees are you most interested in volunteering for? (Please rank your top 3 choices in order)
VC Due Diligence Associate
Facilities and Logistics
Volunteer Management
Screening and Reviewing
Pitch Mentors
HyperAccelerator Mentor
Intern (Four Months/20+ Hours/week)
Would you be interested in volunteering to help manage any of our monthly events? We are looking for qualified volunteers that have a strong interest, and ideally, some solid connections in the fields listed below to help facilitate speakers, panel discussion topics, and much more!
Is there something special you would like to get out of volunteering? Let us know and we'll try to help. (e.g. learning about venture capital, making connections, finding a new position, giving back to the community, etc.)
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What special skills to you have that would make you especially effective as a volunteer?
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How much time do you have available to volunteer?
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