2019 Warrenton Town Limits - Business/Exhibitor Form

1. PRODUCT APPROVAL – To ensure the family nature of this event and product diversity, vendors agree to provide a list of products to be sold or professional services represented by May 24, 2019. Vendors will be accepted after this date, but must have all paperwork in order before confirmation will be sent.

2. RESERVATION BOOKINGS – In an effort to assure that there will be sufficient space for all interested Town of Warrenton businesses, no charge spaces will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. Those businesses from outside the Town of Warrenton or without a Town of Warrenton business license must pay a vendor fee of $100.00. Check can be dropped off to or mailed to the WARF, 800 Waterloo Road Warrenton, VA 20186 and made out to the Town of Warrenton.

3. ADVANCE SETUP AND SECURITY – Spaces will be ready for advance preparation and decoration at 1:00 p.m. on the 28th of June.

4. CURFEW/TEAR DOWN 11:00 P.M. – In the interests of grounds security and safety on the roads, vendors agree to tear down space, place all trash in appropriate receptacles, remove personal property, and leave the grounds no later than 11:00 p.m.. Vendors may choose to remove their items from the field prior to the fireworks if they choose.

5. CAR PASSES – Each vendor's vehicle must possess an official vehicle pass. Participating vendors will be issued one (1) vehicle passes to admit vehicles into the vendor parking area only. All other vehicles must park over at Fauquier High School.

6. GLASS, LITTER AND PETS - In consideration of public safety and applicable laws and regulations, restaurants agree to use only shatterproof, non glass, drinking containers. Glass bottles are strictly prohibited on the grounds and are subject to confiscation. Trash must be bagged and placed in provided trash receptacles. Vendor is subject both to fine and future loss of vendor space for any material violation of this provision; vendor space will be evaluated after the event. Vendor is subject to a minimum $500 fine for littering or use of glass bottles. Pets, other than service animals, will not be permitted at this event.

7. PERSONAL CONDUCT – Vendors understand that this is a family-oriented event and that any conduct infringing upon the public or the rights of others is prohibited. NO PERSONAL FIREWORKS OR CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED. Drunk or disorderly conduct is subject to arrest and eviction. Vendor accepts full responsibility for the conduct of its employees and volunteer staff.

8. SIGNAGE, MUSIC AND PROMOTIONAL CONDITIONS – The Vendor space will be identified by a spray painted number on the ground. Flags, balloons, signage or other promotional materials may not be placed outside of space. We do encourage the use of media material to promote your business.

9. HOLD HARMLESS – In addition to a Certificate of Insurance with $1,000,000 in liability coverage (to be submitted with completed application naming the Town of Warrenton as additional insured),vendor shall hold the Town of Warrenton harmless from any claim, suit, cause of action, damage, judgment or other liability whatsoever resulting from any Vendor activity on the property during the term of this Agreement and shall indemnify the Town of Warrenton from all such liability, including, but not limited to, any illegal activity, death or injury to any person or damage to or loss of property by Vendor or Vendor guests or employees.

In special consideration of guests at the Town of Warrenton June 28th event, and of public health and safety laws and regulations, I understand and agree to the terms and conditions listed above by checking this box. *
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