Slavic restaurants at #ata58 - sign-up form for SLD members
This form has been created to enable SLD members to coordinate going out together during the Annual 58th ATA Conference in Washington, D.C.

You can specify your choice of date, time (lunch or dinner) and leave your contact information (name and email).

This information will be used by SLD to send out a group email to the respective participants. It will then be the responsibility of the participants to organize the event (decide on booking, where to meet, how to get there etc.). The contact information will only be used to send out the email to participants who have signed up for the same event and will not be stored after the event takes place.

Suggested venues (travel times based on Google Maps data): (approximately 50 minutes from the hotel) (approximately 15 minutes from the hotel) (approximately 40 minutes from the hotel) (approximately 15 minutes from the hotel)

Deadline: 10/23/2017.

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