SDDA Designated Odor Test (DOT) Hosted by Quinte Canine
Welcome to the Quinte Canine Sporting Detection Dogs Association Designated Odor Test (DOT).  Please complete the following form to enter the test (please ensure to complete a separate entry form for each dog entered). Payments may be combined.  Entries are limited.  

Date: Sunday July 19, 2020
Location: 51 Highland Ave Belleville ON
Time: 10:00am start
Cost: $20 per odor or all 3 for $50

SDDA Designated Odour Tests: Wintergreen/Pine/Thyme

The Designated Odour Test is a Pass/Fail container search, testing dog’s ability to location the target scent when its location is unknown to the handler and the handler’s ability to correctly call an alert. A formal indication from the dog is not needed for any of the odors.  Dog do not need to to be registered with the SDDA in order to enter the test.  

Certificates and Ribbons - Successful dog/handler teams will receive a certificate and ribbon provided by the host from the SDDA.  

Please find more information of the DOT in the SDDA Master Rule Book, page 5:

Handlers may enter more than one dog per handler.  Our goal is to process your entry within 48 hours and send you a confirmation of DOT entry via email.  Please note we will not be processing entries from February 7-17 as we are closed, but will resume processing on Tuesday February 18th. Please feel free to submit entry during that time but note you will receive a confirmation of entry upon our return.  

If you have any questions about entry or the test please contact Yvonne at 613-242-5050.  

We look forward to sniffing with you!

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I CERTIFY that I am the owner or authorized agent of the actual owner of the dog entered in this Designated Odor Test. I accept full responsibility for all statements made in this entry and for the dog’s participation in this trial. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of the Sporting Detection Dogs Association and any additional rules and regulations put forth regarding the specific event. I agree that the SDDA, Barks by the Bay, Quinte Canine, its agents, employees and volunteers, assume no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury sustained by spectators or by exhibitors and handlers, or to any of their dogs or property. The SDDA, Barks by the Bay, and Quinte Canine are not responsible for loss, accidents or theft and I hold the SDDA, Barks by the Bay, and Quinte Canine harmless from any claims, actions or lawsuits resulting from my participation in this event. Competitors, through the submission of their entries, acknowledge that they know the Rules and Regulations. See Master Rule Book on the SDDA web site to familiarize yourself with all rules.
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