Living Rent Illegal Fees Survey
In 2012 the Housing Act Scotland of 1984 was amended to make it clear that landlords could only charge tenants for deposit and rent. Despite this, letting agents in Glasgow have knowingly continued to charge 'administration fees', 'holding fees', 'booking fees' and a variety of other exploitative and illegal fees.

While the law has been in place for years it continues to go unenforced. As the authorities don't feel the need to reign in this greedy and criminal behaviour, we as tenants must organise and bring them to heel ourselves. Living Rent, Scotland's Tenants Union have already been fighting back against these letting agencies and have won back thousands of pounds in illegal fees for our members.

Our members have had enough and will be launching a campaign to crack down on the exploitative practice of charging illegal fees in Glasgow. In order to do this we need to hear from you - if you have been charged illegal fees, get in touch, fill in the survey, join the Union and get your money back!
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At any time in the last three (3) years have you been a tenant in a property as your main home: *
In the last three (3) years have you been charged any of the following fees (of any value) in order to move in to a rented property: *
If you have been charged fees, what is the total value of the (most recent) fees that were charged to you? *
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Thinking of your most recent charge, which was the Letting Agent (or landlord) that charged these fees? *
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If you would like Living Rent to help you reclaim these fees, please provide contact details below.
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