CPHS: USA Wrestling HS Team Membership
CPHS Wrestling Booster Club is in the process of purchasing USA Wrestling (USAW) High School Team membership.

Below are some highlights, including why it is cost effective, and a benefit to the program, wrestlers, parents and coaches:

1. All USAW memberships runs from Sept 1 to August 31 and is renewed annually.
2. The team cost is $400, which will cover all 2019-2020 school year CPHS wrestlers 9th to 12th grade
o You can have as many HS wrestlers (9th to 12th grade) from your school registered as you wish
▪ If purchased individually each USAW Athlete membership is $40 per athlete
▪ Every CPHS wrestler that participates in an outside program to supplement their training is required to have a USAW card
▪ Any CPHS wrestler who would like to compete in non-UIL wrestling competition needs to have a USAW card
▪ The vast majority of camps and clinics require all participants to have a USAW card
o Includes at no additional cost is a USAW Club Charter (Cedar Park High School Wrestling would be the chartered club), this is normally a separate fee
3. HS Club Charter includes a $5M General Liability coverage for the chartered club (normally a separate fee)
o The general liability insurance will cover any sanctioned events
o Coach Peterson or Coach Barksdale or other coaches with a USAW Leadership membership, this will provide additional coverage for them
▪ USAW Leadership memberships are not part of the USAW HS Team program, USAW Leader membership is a separate item for each coach to acquire
4. Includes secondary insurance coverage for each athlete up to $100,000
5. For more information, please visit the following sites:
o https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Membership/Benefits-of-Membership
o http://content.themat.com/forms/Insuranceinfo.pdf

For your son or daughter to be enrolled we will need to collect some information which you will see below. If you do not wish to have your son or daughter enrolled you will not need to complete the form.
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