Marine bioinvasions 2050
An International Survey

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FORECASTING AND HORIZON SCANNING in invasion science have attracted considerable interest in recent years. These valuable efforts, however, are either the product of limited-participation workshops or of restricted geographic perspective, and focus largely on terrestrial and freshwater habitats. This focus leaves the oceans − 70% of the Earth's habitat − critically underserved in terms of public, political, and media awareness of the significant economic, ecological, public health, conservation, and policy issues relative to marine bioinvasions.

IN THIS PROJECT we seek to document the broad range of the key drivers and issues that may impact, over the next three decades, the magnitude, study, and management of introduced species across all five oceans through the collective voices of scientists, managers, conservationists, and other stakeholders around the world. Your answers to the questions in this survey will provide the key status, trend, and geospatial data to identify the priority issues of invasions in the sea in order to produce local, regional, national and global intensity maps of the pressures and risks we face.

THE NEED for a fully international perspective − and for your participation in achieving this goal − on marine bioinvasions could not be more pressing. Climate change is altering and shifting spatial and habitat availability for marine species globally, coastal infrastructure (artificial habitat) amenable to alien species colonization is rapidly increasing world-wide, global transport of marine life continues unabated through a growing diversity of vectors, and one of the world's greatest interoceanic corridors, the Arctic Ocean, is opening.

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Bella Galil, Henn Ojaveer, Alejandro Bortolus, James Carlton, Joao Canning-Clode, Elizabeth Cottier-Cook, Vadim Panov, Gregory Ruiz, Evangelina Schwindt and Thomas Therriault

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