GROW, GET, GIVE survey: Your "G3 Score"
Your GROW, GET, GIVE – “G3 Score” is a score of opportunity readiness. Within only 5 minutes we will know exactly how to kick start your unique business. The information will help you decide what key strategies and tactics you can use to immediately GROW your business bigger and better. It will also reveal areas where processes and systems will enhance your life, your productivity and the predictability of your business.

Finally, this proprietary assessment tool will tell you how you can increase the rewards you enjoy from your business in your life. Everything from your personal happiness, to stronger client and stakeholder relationships and increased community impact.

Once you have taken the survey, I will arrange a time to speak with you. We can discuss the three most important things that will transform your business and your life today!

GROW – we focus on GROWING your business, your wealth and personal growth. The five carefully selected questions will give us insight as to where the biggest opportunities lie for you to GROW right now.

GET – we focus on GETting you freedom to focus on the projects you have them most interest in, to enjoy your life with family and friends and to have more time away from your business while still allowing you to earn more.

GIVE – we focus on your impact. How your business GIVEs you happiness and joy as well as how your success will help you GIVE back with the biggest impact.
Take your G3 Assessment now
I love how my business is growing today *
My income is growing quickly *
I can clearly articulate WHY I do what I do to prospects *
My marketing clearly communicates the benefits my customers want *
I am always working with my ideal customer(s) *
I work in my "zone" the majority of my time *
I work with the best (employees, partners) I would hope to *
I have time to do all the personal things I hope to *
When asked, I can explain every step of my business with a prospect *
We have systems in place to make all employees' (including me) life easier *
I am happy with my business *
I share gratitude with ALL my stakeholders *
I give back to the community the way I'd like to *
My business is making a big impact in our customers' lives *
My customers share my philanthropic interests or goals *
Please share your name so we can follow up with your "G3 Score" and tell you what it means for you and your business. (We do not share your name and responses with anyone, ever) *
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