Non-local Speakers' Bureau Event Request Form
Thank you for your interest in having the “Faces of Homelessness” Speakers' Bureau attend your upcoming event. This public education program is an essential part of our mission at the National Coalition for the Homeless, and we appreciate you giving us this opportunity.

We promote advocacy, education, and service. As people who have been homeless or are experiencing homelessness, the speakers in the Bureau are the real experts on homeless issues and we believe that their voices are essential in the fight to end homelessness. Speakers' presentations work to promote advocacy, understanding and service.

We look forward to working with you and learning more about your event. Please review our information and guidelines for event hosts and complete the event form and return it in a timely manner.
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Event Guidelines and Information
Speakers are able to provide an introduction to the issuIn PersonPresentation Format : Groups requesting one speaker should allot 30 - 60 minutes for the presentation to include introduction, moderation, speaker, Q & A, and informal interaction with the speaker post-session.

Groups requesting two or three speakers should allot 60 - 90 minutes for the presentation to include introduction, moderation,  speaker(s), Q & A, and informal interaction with the speakers' post-session.

These time frames are only recommendations. The Speakers' Bureau has worked with a variety of faith groups, student organizations and social action service-oriented groups with presentations ranging from full high school assemblies to smaller panel presentations. We can be flexible and can adjust our presentation format to fit your group's schedule.

For events within 70 miles of Washington, DC, please use our local request form.

Honoraria : Each speaker will receive a suggested $100 honorarium each time they speak locally in the DC metro area.

Program Fee : We ask that groups provide a program fee to the National Coalition for the Homeless of 50% of total honoraria to bring the Faces of Homelessness Speakers' Bureau to your group. If you are unable to provide 50%, please let us know.

Total Costs :

For 1 speaker -- $100 honorarium plus a $50 program fee. Total: $150
For 2 speakers -- $200 honoraria plus a $100 program fee. Total: $300
For 3 speakers -- $300 honoraria plus a $150 program fee. Total: $450

Payment : NCH will send an invoice via email to your group once the request form is received and event is scheduled. We ask that you pay upon receipt of the invoice, in advance of the speaking engagement. Payment via check is preferred, but we also accept cash or credit card charge via our website.

Travel & Accommodations:

If speakers are traveling by car, NCH will invoice the mileage cost at the rate of 54.5 cents per mile driven. Any tolls will also be calculated in advance and added to the invoice. If speakers are traveling by train or plane, we ask requesting groups to purchase tickets. Please contact the Speakers' Bureau Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

On long trips (4 hours or more) we ask groups to arrange lodging for the night for our speakers, the number of rooms depending on the number of speakers and their genders. We can stay at guest housing on campuses, local motels, hotels, and bed and breakfast facilities.

For meals not otherwise provided by requesting groups, a per diem will be added to the invoice, including $10 for breakfast, $10 for lunch, and $15 for dinner. For more information, please contact the Speakers' Bureau Coordinator.

Become a Member/Make a Donation : If your organization would like to support the work of the National Coalition for the Homeless, it can do so by becoming a member or by making a donation. More can be found on the NCH website (
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Do you have a particular subject focus or audience need (homeless children, housing issues, health care, policy, etc.)?
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Would you object to our speaker(s) making a request for donations at the end of our presentation?
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If yes, how many speakers would you like to sponsor (the total cost will be added to your invoice)?
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NCH/Group Agreement
All honoraria ($100 for each speaker) and the program fee (50% of the total honoraria) must be included in one check made out to the National Coalition for the Homeless in c/o Speakers' Bureau. See the first section entitled, Event Guidelines and Information, for a cost breakdown.

Please fill in the check memo section with: Speakers' Bureau (date of presentation).

If you are unable to provide the 50% program fee cost, please let us know and we can discuss possible arrangements.

Travel: We will submit an invoice to you for all travel costs. We will purchase the necessary travel arrangements upon your approval of invoiced costs.

Once we have received this filled out Event Info Form, we will send you a confirmation within 5 days of receiving the request. We will also send you an invoice in advance of the event.
The Following organization agrees to pay the National Coalition for the Homeless for honoraria, program fee, and travel expenses: *
Payment should be mailed in advance of the presentation or mailed on the day of the event. The undersigned agrees to reimburse NCH within 30 days of receiving the invoice. In the event that you need to cancel a presentation, please contact NCH (by phone and/or email) at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the event. Full payment will be expected in the case of cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the event. By entering your name in the field below, you are effectively providing your signature, indicating your consent to abide by the terms of this agreement.
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