ETHOS IV: NUMINA: Ritual and Cosmology
Please answer the following essay questions in a thorough manner, but not exceeding 350 words.
If you are applying for more than one Ethos Program, and you have already responded to the 3 GENERAL QUESTIONS, you can skip to the 3 ETHOS IV QUESTIONS.
Complete Application Due May 2, 2021

Collateral Certification Requirements: Ethos Program II & Ethos Program III
Collateral Experientia Requirements: None
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GENERAL QUESTION 1: Among all of the body-mind systems and/or academic humanities programs available for your study, what is it about the tradition of MogaDao that inspires you to become an authority of its practices and ideations?
GENERAL QUESTION 2: In a world in which faith in any kind of authority has become suspect—mostly due to the hegemony of consumerism upon the altruism of the heart, and the abuses of power—describe what healthy, and helpful, authority looks like to you.
GENERAL QUESTION 3: What are some of your fears, in terms of the accomplishment of your goal as teacher of one or more of MogaDao’s Ethea?
ETHOS IV QUESTION 1: In what ways are you profoundly connected to the beyond-human world?
ETHOS IV QUESTION 2: What in human life is most sacred to you?
ETHOS IV QUESTION 3: How do you navigate modernity, with its barrage of distractions, in terms of your spiritual or religious life?
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