Please use this form to to submit a request to start a new club at MHS and follow these steps for submission.


Step #1 ______ complete the application and survey of interest and submit to Student Activities Director for review.

Step #2 ______ meet with the Student Activities Director; potential sponsor, and/or students proposing club.

Step #3 ______ recommendation/denial by the Student Activities Director to Principal.

Step#4 ______ if approved by the principal it will go to the Arts and Activities Council.

Step #5______ if approved by Arts and Activities Council, the application is forwarded to central office administration for approval.

Step #6 ______ you will be notified by the student activities director when approval/denial process is complete.

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Is this club/activity available and accessible for this age/grade elsewhere in the Mason or greater Cincinnati Community? *
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If you answered yes to the previous question, who offers this club/activity *
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Is this club/activity developmentally appropriate and without unusual liability issues? *
What type of area/facility space does this group require for meetings? *
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Are there any requirements to join this group/activity, please share all *
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Will a fee be charged and if so, what will the funds be for? *
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You must have a advisor for you club/activity, have you contacted an advisor? *
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Once you submit the application, you will need to make an appointment with Mrs. Allen, to discuss your club in further detail. Email:

_________Approved for School Sponsored or School Recognized (circle one)

Student Activities Director _____________________________ Date ___________________

Principal ____________________________________________ Date ___________________

Arts & Activities Council ______________________________ Date ___________________

Superintendent _______________________________________ Date ___________________

Treasurer ____________________________________________ Date ___________________

_________Not Approved

Student Activities Director _____________________________ Date ___________________

Principal ___________________________________________ Date ___________________

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