Midwest Prayer Marathon 2020
***BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND*** As we begin the spring semester, we want to perform a unified act of faith across the Midwest campus ministries by having two people in the Midwest praying around the clock for a whole week from January 19th to January 26th. It's an ambitious goal but one that we believe will be rewarded by God!

The first people to sign up for a slot will be the ones who gets it, so be sure to check which ones are taken. If you accidentally take a slot you can't do, here are some things to try:
- If you haven't left the page, there is an option to "Edit Response"
- Find a replacement who can take your slot
- Look through your browser history to find the URL of the specific form submitted before and resubmit it with the correct times
- Or if none of that works, email Daniel Bumpus (danielbumpus97@gmail.com) so he can remove you from the spot and someone else can fill it.

Inter-ministry partners are encouraged - make sure the person you sign up knows that you are paired up and that they are comfortable with it.
For night/morning shifts, try to pair up with someone you live with.
Let your yes be yes...if you sign up, please be true to it.

Here is a link to see which spots are filled (Schedule): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OQ5RSIZ8hHXUOYrKYZjlRwu3FhHq-lvwiGfY6tBEZ-w/edit?usp=sharing

Some things to pray about:
- Wisdom and guidance for the leaders of the churches and ministries
- All who are studying to have open hearts and that truth is poured into them
- The flourishing and growth of all young disciples
- The faith, strength, and boldness for all of us to proclaim the gospel
- Disciples across the world, especially in hostile nations
- That in all ways we bring heaven to earth as the Lord desires
- Try praying out of the Psalms
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